It was all a blur this year. Between all the work and professional workshops, Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments was put on hold to establish a more secure foundation. This was a hard decision but I knew what needed to be done. Even with this acknowledgment, it managed to find it’s way into a few more homes and sleeping beauties.

During The Powerful Women’s Luncheon, I met a young lady interested in having Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments available to her salon customers. The introduction was well received and the customers were satisfied with their pieces. We had forged another great relationship with another local beauty shop. With this exciting news, I was determined to work on one of my goals for the company. Moreover, I wanted to make sure my product was protected.

I purchased another marketing tool to move SBHG to the next level. These window clings will be placed in all participating salons selling the garments to the public. We’re currently working on building a website and product placement in more Detroit salons.

I’m proud of the minimal growth we had this year. The plan for 2015 will guarantee people know exactly who Sleeping Beauty is, what we offer and why we’re the optimal source for these healthy hair tools.

We all have heard the term girl power – especially if you grew up in the 90s and remember the Spice Girls at all. This pass weekend I attended a positive event titled “Girl Talk.” This was for aspiring and current business women in the metro Detroit area.

I joined a little over 50 women listen to the stories and words of encouragement from some of the leading women in business in our area. Armed with my trusty journal and pen to take notes, I journeyed into downtown Detroit for an extra mental push to keep working toward my dreams. After looking at the panelist I realized I personally knew 3 of them and the host. Talk about a small town! Each woman presented her story to us and positive words for us to hold on to through our business. As we went to intermission I noticed I had NOT completed any of the major note taking I had anticipated on conducting. It seem as if the messages didn’t require physical presence in my life. I thought to myself “maybe the message for me is coming.”


While sitting in on the second portion of the seminar, I placed my journal in my purse and decided to listen to what was being said. Just as I thought the message came from a complete stranger sharing my love of thrift! Her name was Daisy. She is co-partner of the “Style Dolls.” Her story resonated with me because she spoke on the one thing I battle with – juggling multiple dreams and making them successful. The excitement she felt about each one of her ventures was reminiscent of my own – charitable & commercial firms. In an excited voice she proclaimed “I can have it all. These are all the things I dreamed about!” Bit was at this moment that my two babies crossed my mind – HUGS (Helping Unforgettable Girls Succeed) & Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments.


Yes, I’m always dabbling in different things in order to optimize my bottom line. However these are the entities I know that I hold close to my heart. I have to admit that I haven’t done everything possible to make them as successful as I can. The time is now for me to invest in myself. The overwhelming amount of change that has littered my life over the last couple months shouldn’t keep me from success. I believe in my dreams it’s just time for me to start working them harder. This was a great event and I can tell by the response some times all we need is a little extra push to take the leap! 🙂

If you’ve been paying attention this year, to my posts, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or been fortunate enough to get a flyer, you already know which event holds the #1 spot for 2013. That’s right it’s the newest addition to my empire building plan – Sleeping Beauty hair garments! The fluke that morphed into my future plans.

It has truly been a joy providing customers all over the country with beautiful bonnets and some of our other products. The consciousness of people is growing about their hair and what it takes to keep it healthy. They appreciate the variety of custom fabric we offer & reasonable prices. We want to give them a personalized experience and continue to offer individuality.

Over our 1st few months, we have established a business relationship with Detroit Make Me Fierce Virgin Hair Boutique and The Meagan Mitchell salon. In an effort to keep it customer oriented are goals are to offer the products in more salons in the next year. The entire growth plan for 2014 hasn’t been etched in stone yet but we’re looking to grow at a steady pace. Within the last few days, I’ve been asked if we ship internationally! You mean Sleeping Beauty has global appeal! That’s some pretty exciting news.

Based on how much I love my hair it’s only befitting I ended up doing business in the hair industry. You’ve been here reading for almost 2 years about me and my healthy hair journey. I find this whole business and support a true blessing. Don’t get me wrong It hasn’t created a millionaire out of me yet but it sure helps to know that a product you’re offering is beneficial to so many people.

If you’re interested in purchasing Sleeping Beauty garments and you have Instagram go to @slerping_beautyhg or email for additional information.

Thank you 2013 you’ve been AMAZING! 🙂