As always, number 7 resides on the 25th.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all over the world.

I look like I have all the answers.  Maybe that is because I’m forever open to learning how I can be better.  This is in relation to anything I am involved with in my life.  My recent journey into entrepreneurship was in need of direction.  Sure I had formal education but even since my days in the classroom, business has changed.  The only thing I acknowledged was my need for assistance and direction.  After watching my Instagram feed, I became interested in the things The Powerful Women were doing to assist local women in business.  I wanted to see what they had to offer.

A workshop, this was going to tell us how to set up the business to move it forward successfully.  I figured I could use a refresher course and gather some additional information to propel Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments, so I signed up.  To my surprise I received an email informing me due to my registration for the workshop there was an opportunity for me to attend a motivational session with a world renown speaker, Dr. Laureen Wishom.  I was excited and attended both events, taking notes on what I needed to do to become better in business and in my personal life.  After the workshops, I had enough momentum to research the things I needed to change and create.  Soon after the announcement of The Powerful women’s Luncheon arrived and I purchased my ticket.  This is a great event for women to network and work to build our community of women business owners and professionals up positively.

I really appreciated these experiences.  They allowed me to set some goals for 2015 and made me take my small business seriously.  My expectations are high for the upcoming events in the new year.

I knew it was coming and with great style I closed out the season with a bang!  First order of business, was to take a much needed break from the job.  That wasn’t hard to do with the amount of time I had accumulated.  Let’s be honest!  I like my job and some of the people there and we have a good time some days but we all deserve a break for a good time. The main attraction for me as you all know was the Detroit Jazz Fest!  However, this social butterfly keeps a full schedule of possible events and you know – they were waiting for me to show THIS FACE!

My Spirit

The weekend for the Fest started off slow as the weather had taken a turn for cooler temps very quick. Friday evening was a no go because I refused to stand outside and be cold. With my schedule handy, I highlighted the other shows I wanted to attend during the rest of the weekend. Please remember this is the world’s largest open air free jazz festival. It was this year that I took notice of all the people that came from around the globe to experience this. The show must go on but I had another engagement Saturday afternoon that would delay me from the music.


August 30th, I was in attendance at the Powerful Women’s Luncheon III. Dressed to the nines and prepared to hear some words of encouragement. Equipped with a clutch full of business cards and anxiety about networking, I drive to Andiamo’s Dearborn on a semi cloudy afternoon. (I’m really bad at getting pictures when I’m dressed up, lol – I guess that’s something I can work on!). In the company of over 100 women, we listened to inspiration from Monica Morgan and motivation from the Honorable Brenda Lawrence. As we listened to the message a lunch was served and we talked among ourselves about our plans, goals and purpose. One of the ladies I had the pleasure of sitting with was Cassandra, make up artist and owner of the Pink & White Salon in Southfield, MI. After hearing about what I do, she was very interested in Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments. Score! Always seems I’m in the right place at the right time. We also had the pleasure of meeting Shelli, a strong woman in the automotive industry with a vision to start her own business and Ms. Armstrong one of our gems within the educational system. I seemed to be too tuckered out when this was over and opted for a nap when I got back home. This threw a monkey wrench into my jazz plans again but I did make it to see the fireworks they presented this year. Here are a few images from the day.


Sunday presented better hopes. The weather was nicer and I didn’t have any other plans. But tell me what you’re suppose to do when one of the nicest, most genuine ladies you’ve met in a really long time invites you to come celebrate her birthday with you and her name is Erica – Get Ready to GO! That’s exactly what I did. I got down the street as fast as I could in hopes of just hearing a little jazz before I transitioned into the current sounds of rap music, hookahs and booze all on the rooftop of Exodus. Who knew a roof top party would have an issue with heat? Me either and I felt like I was melting! Clad in my vintage Chicago #23 jersey & kicks. I ventured to find a spot that offered ventilation in an open air space. The night was young and everyone was having a good time. Shawn and I chatted with life long friends, caught up with recent acquaintances and drank. I noticed my sister was getting calls from our other siblings which were prohibited from entering due to the late hour. Once we made our exit who was sitting waiting for us to emerge – the rest of the gang. The night rolled on as we laughed, pouted, ate, drank, walked, laughed, drank and talked until the early hours of the morning. No more chances for jazz and me tonight. It was time to go to bed.

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Now it’s Labor Day which also means it’s the final day of the Fest and the unofficial end of summer. My mission was simple get to there and enjoy the music. In a calculated manner, I got dressed and on my bike to enjoy my last day of freedom. Shawn drove down and we walked, talked and listened to the sounds I’ve been captivated by since I was a young child. We covered a lot of ground before she had to report to work. I was waiting to see one person in particular Stanley Jordan. Then the announcer appeared with a delay of schedule message. After an unacceptable wait of an hour and a half the performance was postponed due to the lighting and thunder only present due to the thunderstorm on the horizon. We cleared the area and the rain came down hard and fast. I secured refuge in the Sweetwater Tavern in hopes of drizzle and a mini performance but it didn’t happen. As I drove away to the north side of town to see my mom, the rain stopped, the sun began to shine and I felt no disappointment as I rode through my city and watched the sun shine on us after the storm.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this year was not what I planned for. However, it was everything I needed! I hope you enjoyed the season and found a few things to 🙂 about!

Home Sweet Home

Here’s to a great summer in the one place I love most Detroit.


On June 15, 2014, Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments were physically presented to Detroit resident via the Beauty Showcase. In my preparation to have everything in order, I was pleased with the final decision about my set up. I’ve never been bashful about talking about the product and I was ready to share with everyone about the goodness of Sleeping Beauty! Let the show begin!

The showcase was open to the public, full of vendors and products for purchase. My intentions were to come in and sale all the products in my bags. After draping the table and decorating my area to my satisfaction it was time for the guest to arrive. More importantly, it was the debut of my baby- SBHG!


The stream of people was kind of slow and my poor empty stomach moaned for fulfillment. I waited, hairducated and conducted business as usual. To my surprise there was a great interest in the information I post via the Instagram page about treatments and hair care tips. Am I becoming a voice in the natural hair care arena? The jury is still out on that one but I enjoy sharing the things I learn with others.


After taking a stroll around the event to find out what everybody else was doing, I opted to leave a tad early to go celebrate with the birthday girl of the month, Shawn. This showcase wasn’t the most profitable event I could have chosen but it offered an experience I needed. I would love to participate in another event such as this in the future. I would totally do one of these again and I’m fully prepared for the next one. 🙂


I toyed around with the idea of attending Bravo Bravo this year until about 5 hours before the doors opened. There was no denying I wanted to be there. However, as I discipline myself to regain my financial freedom, this event looked out of the question. I was preparing to move, paying down debt and focusing on spending less. So a ticket for $140 was simply out if the question! Until I put my thinking cap on to factor that as my only cost for an evening to get out & circulate my cards around to gain some exposure.

This is a huge event! I needed to look the part. Diving into my closet presented many options because we (I say we because my conscious & impulsive minds were literally at battle) could NOT buy anything because we have the ticket. Through a shuffled, unedited, private episode of What Not To Wear. The winner was a vintage 50s silk robin’s egg blue dress, rhinestone Vince Camuto heels & edgy bag for drama. Winner winner lamb chop dinner. What was going to happen with my hair? It was a simple answer. Nothing! The focus of the evening would be the dress. Tonight was the night the rest of society would be introduced to my hair in it’s natural kinky state. Makeup was a no brainer – keep it soft. I was ready for the night.

My escorts this year were Erica & Jodi. After using my FREE PARKING pass and catching the tram to the venue, the night was under way. Food, drinks and laughs created the perfect atmosphere to work on my networking skills. We laughed together – great but if you asked me what I did, uh oh! I’m the owner of Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments, that’s my new answer! I had arrived and it was time for me introduce myself to the world formally. This is who I am, not just the lady working for the giant corporation.

People Mover Marti


After tasting food, sampling drinks and catching up with old acquaintances I journeyed back to my vehicle. Feeling one with the night I cruised up Woodward Ave in my vintage dress talking to a homeless man (who seemed to be more informed on current events than I was). I shot a text to my love to inform him of the adventure and enjoyed this gentleman’s company and conversation. As much as I wanted to take a picture of him my decency halted me. Nobody wants to be recognized worldwide as a homeless man. As we neared my vehicle, I bid him goodnight and passed him a token for his time. Here are the captured smiles and friends of the evening.

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Another successful year for the arts and charity! I’ve already been thinking about next year which may bring forth a surprise escort. Tell me what you thought of my look. Keep on smiling! 🙂




Even though I have a business degree, it never hurts to continue learning how I can grow Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments. I’ve been looking at taking this business to the next level. So I purchased a ticket to The Powerful Women workshop to educate myself on things I was doing right and items I needed to do!

The event was an intimate conversation about laying the foundation for the business and how to use the free beast of public relations. Needless to say, I had covered most of the important factors discussed. What I needed to do was package it properly for the global market. It’s time for me to structure things properly to attain the growth I believe in.

I’m not going to tell you all the things that were discussed or the items I plan to complete over the next several months. This opportunity was more about learning and building my networking skills. Everyone had a business card and I nabbed them all. After I heard a great idea for building my network through the business cards I collect. The energy was great and the positivity flowed through the room with the downtown breeze. After meeting a few awesome ladies, I set out to take charge armed with the information I gained and the knowledge I possessed.

The workshop and seminar from a couple weeks ago laid the outline for the work I had to do before year’s end. Coupled with a mentoring program, motherhood, wife-ish duties and my bread & butter this is going to be an eventful six (6) months. I’ll keep smiling and you informed.


In an effort to cultivate my networking skills, I decided to take advantage of some of these positive events going on around town to help this mass of entrepreneurs Detroit is harboring. The afternoon started off with a wardrobe malfunction as I discovered my mint Bermuda shorts had been attacked by bleach!!! 😦 So I had to improv quickly because I wanted to be there early to get preferred seating. As I fixed my makeup, thought really hard about a car wash and adjusted my shades I pulled out into this gorgeous Saturday afternoon we were experiencing. Let me tell you. I didn’t even think about my outfit once I started listening to the information the good doctor had to share.

After listening to Siri and becoming twisted around, I thought about just going on with my day and forget about it. Then I calmed down and used my eyes to locate the venue. I was on time and was ready to learn how I could make my businesses better and grow. They were hosting a drawing and I placed my business card in for a chance to win. Researching an assortment of cupcakes I gravitated toward the lemon choice, grabbed a water and took my seat.

I, along with several other entrepreneurs listened as Dr. Wisdom spoke about “radical decisions”, the “sweet spot” and looking at our life at a glance. Taking notes as if I was preparing for finals in school. Different elements of her discussion resonated with me. As I sat there, I noticed my friend Erica walk in and take a seat in the back of the room. The message was powerful and right on time as I begin to plan for my next chapter.

Remember that drawing I entered upon my arrival to the pre-workshop?! I won!

20140526-001436.jpg Adhering to the notes and instruction presented to me. I’m making the necessary strides to walk in my own shoes toward the life I truly want. The happiness journey is NOT over. This is the reason for everything I do!

You all already know, I’m not afraid to make a radical decision. That’s how our relationship began. My radical decision to abandon the only industry I’ve known and try something new. The truth of it is I’m still unfulfilled. Something is on the horizon – I can feel it brewing. This time I’m going to plan more effectively to position myself for awesomeness!


Sleeping Beauty hair garments is a small start up built on one principle – to achieve the best head of hair through quality products and hairducation. So when we started our Instagram page we spent a great deal of energy promoting our products. Over time we’ve broaden our scope to include information and have built relationships with people from all over the world. These individuals include @sonappy_kinky a natural young lady living in Sweden! Hello to all my Swedish readers! She always arrives on the page to like post, comment on pictures and suggest alternatives for treatments. So when she reached out to me about being apart of an event she was planning I got excited. First of all, I thought about what I was going to wear in Sweden. Then she informed me that she was interested in doing a giveaway. With no hesitation I said – YES!

The details for the contest can be found on her blog Nappy & Kinky – the road to “good hair”. There is a chance to win a scarf or bonnet made from these fabrics.


You only have 2 more days to enter!! I thought some of you might be interested in winning your very own garment from Sleeping Beauty! Looks like the world is ready for us. Good luck! 🙂


We all have heard the term girl power – especially if you grew up in the 90s and remember the Spice Girls at all. This pass weekend I attended a positive event titled “Girl Talk.” This was for aspiring and current business women in the metro Detroit area.

I joined a little over 50 women listen to the stories and words of encouragement from some of the leading women in business in our area. Armed with my trusty journal and pen to take notes, I journeyed into downtown Detroit for an extra mental push to keep working toward my dreams. After looking at the panelist I realized I personally knew 3 of them and the host. Talk about a small town! Each woman presented her story to us and positive words for us to hold on to through our business. As we went to intermission I noticed I had NOT completed any of the major note taking I had anticipated on conducting. It seem as if the messages didn’t require physical presence in my life. I thought to myself “maybe the message for me is coming.”


While sitting in on the second portion of the seminar, I placed my journal in my purse and decided to listen to what was being said. Just as I thought the message came from a complete stranger sharing my love of thrift! Her name was Daisy. She is co-partner of the “Style Dolls.” Her story resonated with me because she spoke on the one thing I battle with – juggling multiple dreams and making them successful. The excitement she felt about each one of her ventures was reminiscent of my own – charitable & commercial firms. In an excited voice she proclaimed “I can have it all. These are all the things I dreamed about!” Bit was at this moment that my two babies crossed my mind – HUGS (Helping Unforgettable Girls Succeed) & Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments.


Yes, I’m always dabbling in different things in order to optimize my bottom line. However these are the entities I know that I hold close to my heart. I have to admit that I haven’t done everything possible to make them as successful as I can. The time is now for me to invest in myself. The overwhelming amount of change that has littered my life over the last couple months shouldn’t keep me from success. I believe in my dreams it’s just time for me to start working them harder. This was a great event and I can tell by the response some times all we need is a little extra push to take the leap! 🙂


The Prom

This was a shoe in for 1st place a couple months ago! Then I wrote it all down and The Detroit SlowRoll came in 4th place. Needless to say it did rank within the top 5 events for the year. As the season came to a close and I missed the last 2 rides, I knew I’d be anxious for the next season to begin.

I miss my Monday bike ride through the city of Detroit. Talking to everyone from all walks of life, laughing with old friends and the crazy girl chat that would go down in the mist of the hundreds of people. A couple ‘Good Fellas’ would be proud of all the real business we talked about with no one knowing exactly what we were saying. The guys that decked their bikes out like a house at Christmas time always brought the music. We even had one participant with the videos. I’ll be ready next spring to show them how I do!



20131227-223434.jpg Photo credit @backtodetroit on Instagram
Every week there was a new route and people! This has by far been on of the coolest things I’ve done while living in the city. While riding people often asked us “what are you riding for?” We’d say al kinds of silly stuff but the best had to be when we rode for Literacy!!!

20131227-223851.jpg A great cause to assist volunteers with the tutoring of children in the metro area. You all know I’m all for READING.

I can’t wait for it to start again. However I better get my bicycle of the the shop so they can have me out on the open road styling! One question- do you think I should get it painted russian navy or silver birch?


The Ambassador.jpg My Last Ride of the Season

I knew the tide had turned when I’d rather go to the liquor store, chill at home & laugh with my friends. The time had come for my to let go of my childish ways. A routine that use to have me in the street from Wednesday to Sunday. I was tired of the same old thang (yes, I said thang) faces & money blowing just because I had it. This year was the beginning of my transition into healthy meaningful events.

I won’t drag you through every party with a cause I attended. The list includes Bravo Bravo, Detroit Jazz Festival, Tux & Chucks, Lighthouse of Oakland County peanut butter & jelly drive and so many others.

In my effort to be more conscious about the events I choose. Somehow I noticed I don’t drink alcohol as much while I’m out. You might be able to call it a crazy coincidence. On my Instagram earlier this year I posted ” I only have time for affairs.” The party life has transformed in a networking community involvement. This gives me more purpose & warm feeling in my heart.