I’ve been sharing the different events in my life with your for almost 4 years.  Over the pats couple weeks, I’ve been thinking of other ways to communicate with you.  This would be a way for you to attach the voice with the words I write.  The YouTube channel (Bmisunderstood) has been very interesting to me.  However, looking through hundreds of channels, I’ve decided to organize my content for the best delivery to the viewers.  This would include my how-tos, beloved favorites, book recommendations and thrift shop finds.  There may also be a few get ready with me and “Conversations with Momma.”  I’m excited and you can expect at least two videos a month.

In the meantime, you can catch me ranting, raving and discussing my latest posts and other items on my mind via Periscope.  You can follow me @Stoical127 to watch my live broadcasts.  As much as you all have connected with me, I would like to see all of you that have been following me over the years.  We’ll give these things a shot at connecting us further.

Be sure to let me know what you think!   🙂

I had a couple of posts last year about painting.  My painting days here were over.  This was under the assumption that I had completed this apartment to my liking and instructed my right-hand guy to dispose of the pigments.  In a moment during the spring cleaning, I discovered both colors under the sink.  In true Beau Miss style, I’m sure you know what happened next. 🙂
Within the next few weeks I scouted out areas in my temporary residence that needed a little life “off the wall.”  Of course I found the project I needed.  The dining room was screaming for a little attention. I had scored these white square frames from IKEA for $5 a piece.  They stored memories of one of my favorite events in Detroit, The Jazz Festival.  I generally pick up a poster at the fest to keep.  They turned out great after I cut them down to fit.  The dining room didn’t lack any visual interest.  All the walls are dedicated to my non judgmental best friend – music.  However, I had a grand vision for the space and some left over paint.  Take a look at what happened.

I truly love this look and was inspired to paint another area that was really perfectly fine.  The bathroom wasn’t bothering anyone but I had a half can of my favorite blue.  In the blink of an eye, I was on that wall with no abandon.  I like how it turned out but I have to build the decor up around it now!  (That totally wasn’t in the plan.)


These projects were completed during the Memorial Day weekend.  Following these projects I threw the cans into the trash never to return.  In a small space such as this that doesn’t offer me any outdoor space via my apartment, I’m always looking for ways that display my personality.  I grew up in a home where we always looked for things to do around the house.  It’s in my nature to personalize any space I live in.  During the next couple weeks some things will happen to make these urges more permanent.  The clock is ticking!
What changes if any did you make in your home with the change of the season?  Don’t fret my pet, I held on to the painter’s tape just in cast I’m inspired again. 😉

It’s an almost never ending saga with me and furnishing my home. You could blame those endless hours of HGTV, DIY channel watching, Pinterest scrolling, my upbringing or my need for perfection.


As I was walking in one day, I noticed a semi-empty space in need of attention. I like to have areas of interest. This one was lacking. On the top of my mini office resides my blinged out collection of picture frames. So whatever was going to live in this shared space had to sparkle. Then I found a quick fix to my compulsion. My love for Detroit would he highlighted here, again. (But that ain’t none of y’all business, lol). Off to the craft store we go!

I already had black poster board. The required supplies called for glitter, picture frame (any size), scissors, copy of the image and craft glue. While at my weekend home, JoAnn’s fabric and craft store, I discovered an ingenious product in glitter paper. A full sheet of paper with an adhesive backing covered in glitter. Well, slap me silly this project just became more cost efficient!!! I picked up some metallic pens to write a little message but that didn’t happen.


Follow these simple instructions:

~ Print off a picture or template of the item you want to see in glitter. Trace it out on the back of the glitter paper.


~ Cut out the poster board to fit the frame.


~ Cut the picture out, leaving the protective covering on the back.


~ Remove backing and position on poster board where ever you like.

~ Place inside frame and display anywhere.



This beautiful addition to our home only cost $7 in supplies and 45 mins. I’ll have this forever! There are several pieces of Detroit in my home. Who said, there is a limit to my love of the place I call home? In what ways have you incorporated a geographic place into your living quarters?

HGTV has been the channel of my heart since its premier in 1997. I like tackling home decor projects and creating my own personality in a space. This year I pulled all the stops out while creating a comfortable space for my family. All these episodes and Pinterest pins came into play as I settled in to the new digs.

I’ve painted more this year than I have in my entire life! It was all great fun, even the hauling of six solid oak chairs up and down 3 flights of stairs. The bedroom projects were the most fun. I’ve never displayed the young lad’s chalkboard wall. This has proven to be a great communication medium for us.


The dining room is NOT complete as of yet but here’s a peek at the wall.


Then I tackled a gallery wall of different size frames. It is not complete yet because I haven’t stopped to get 2 (YES, I said two!) pictures resized for their respective places. Here’s a shot of how that turned out so far.


This is my family wall. The years to come will possibly result in the area growing. I’m happy with it. Then there is the entry way into the apartment. A small collection of picture taken from my Instagram.


I have a few additional projects but I’m almost complete. It’s been fun. However, I won’t be engaging in too much of this activity in the upcoming year. Why? This place will be finished! 😉

You know, I thought I was finished with my bedroom. Everything was right where I needed it to be. It showed personality and comfort. One day while I was lying in bed, I looked up. Not at the wall in front of me – the wall behind my head. It was boring. I thought, what can be done to increase the attractiveness of this wall.

I always noticed pictures hanging over the beds in home decor magazines. However, my headboard is a few inches shorter than me and overpowers the wall already. So hanging something over the bed was out of the question. Then I looked at the wall in front of me and knew what had to be done. I needed to mirror this, onto this wall. This would give me the balance I needed and stop people from wanting to come all the way in my room to see the “Cracked Wall.”

My trusty can of paint was pulled out of the closet once again for it’s final obligation to this unit. There was no need to paint the entire wall. You would never be able to see it and the bed weighs too much for me to wrestle with it on carpet to move it. The cornice received a liberal covering of painter’s tape before brushing two coats of the light blue hue on to the wall. After 8 hours or drying, I allowed #19 the opportunity to unveil the project.


Words can’t describe how much this made me smile. I was finally finished and could throw this paint can in the dumpster. I even painted the underside so I could see it all the time. They say blue is a calming color. I don’t know about that but it’s my favorite color and now I finally have a room that I adore. That’s Beau!

I hope I’ve inspired you to take a chance with paint and your creativity. Are there some areas of your home you’d like to give a special touch to? Do you feel stuck in a white or beige box apartment? There may be other options for you to express yourself. I’ll be happy to assist you anyway I can!

There’s something very special about beautiful organization options. It’s amazing how people can use the same item for completely different things. When I began to research needed features for my vanity, I went straight to YouTube. Through the million videos I watched I realized there was no right or wrong way to set up this area but the apothecary jar kept appearing in the footage. People had made them, spent a nice amount on them or just let it go from their plans. I knew I needed a few to liven up the party in my setting and I was on the hunt!



Whenever I strike out for home accents on a budget I go to Hobby Lobby first. They’ve rarely let me down since my 1st visit a few years ago. When I searched the aisles for the coveted jars I discovered a beautiful selection at prices I refused to pay. The stickers ranged from $19.99-27.99 and there was a 50% discount on the items. I had only given myself a $25 budget to decorate my vanity and these definitely would have blown it. So I decided to hit the store next door – Home Goods
My my my! The selection of apothecary jars was endless and the prices were just what I needed. Take a look!




With so many to choose from I became anxious. The prices were more my speed ranging from clearance pieces for $5 and larger more elaborate pieces for $20. Then I remembered the space I was working with and settled on two for a total of $10.


They have added attitude and function to the vanity. As you can see I use the shorter of the two for cotton balls, rounds and squares – all the things I need when I’m cleaning and clearing my face. The taller jar is utilized for my most favorite cosmetic – Mascara, and I see there’s a little room for a few more.


I first became exposed to these jars via my mom. She actually uses hers to hold soap, instead of leaving it in the boxes. My sister Shawn, uses them as candy dishes. There are so many wonderful uses they almost seem essential to any home. I’m sure I’ll be picking up a few more in the future as this has become on of my Beloved Things and  Beau Miss.

Whenever I’m away you already know I’m doing something constructive. Currently, I playing the role of Home Decorator Maker. This includes but is not limited to hours shopping for eclectic pieces to add personality, DIY projects and organizing the clothes, cookware and linen. I’m very particular which creates an even longer amount of time for me to be settled.

All of the big furniture was delivered and set up. In my mind, I was plotting on the walls and light fixtures. I saw a place the leasing or maintenance man wouldn’t recognize and a home I had pinned on my Make Home Beautiful board on Pinterest. The first place we had to organize was l’chamber. My bedroom. The owner has to be comfortable to battle the many tasks before her. Do you remember the paint cans in the basket in my last post?

Welp! They served as a spring board to my vision. I went into Loew’s that morning and picked up painters tape and 2 cans of what they call “Oops Paint” both we’re 5 bucks. Of course I couldn’t beat that and the colors are agreeable with me.

I came in an taped a haphazard pattern on the wall in front of my bed. Taped the wall down the entry of the apartment and a few other places. Needless to say this lady emptied 2 rolls of painter’s tape on making this place DIFFERENT.

Here are the results from my projects:

Before The Reveal
Ta Da!!
Come on In
Black Walls and Shiny Floors

I refuse to throw the black paint out for some odd reason. Maybe it’ll find it’s way to the dumpster once the television comes and I find the remaining pieces for the living area.

So far so good! I’m growing to like the added touches and smile when I open my door! Next project gallery wall! Talk to you soon.  That’s Beau!