How many of us have the hardest time deciding what we want to do with our hair? In the past couple months I have considered cutting it all off (Ceaser or 360 male inspired cuts) to Halle Berry’s chic pixie cut.  Believe me I’ve been through the gambit of styles.. (All except the infamous Jheri Curl or French Roll, lol)  Here’s just a few looks that have been apart of this proclaimed “Glamazon” within the past couple years….

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My favorite of them all is (drum roll please) – My Classic Curls with or without the blonde.  I truly enjoy my hair.  However, I’d like to go for the natural look.  I’ve been relaxer free since 2003.  Yet I’ve been a slave to my favorite Kentucky Maid #222 pressing comb, straightens my hair to a superfine texture.   Moreover, ever since I got that Curly Afro, I’ve been wanting to go natural as far as wearing my hair with its natural curl.  Let me admit it’s something that a GLAM star as myself has great caution about.   But when I get my hair washed I see the fluffy curls emerge as the water touches my hair.   My desire is to have a head full of natural curls and love them without feeling inferior about my style.

Massa KM 222 (notice the double press teeth)

In my search to try to find something to do with my hair.  I concluded on cutting all the dead hair off and focus on having a healthier head of hair.  My stylist cut 3″ of my hair of with no malice or trepidation.  I always knew she was a little “Scissor-Happy,” lol.  I felt different immediately,  always believing there was some truth in the notion of “your power being in your hair.”  So , I researched how to achieve my hair goals and came into an overwhelming amount of information.  Between Google, YouTube, E-Commerce & friends, some key information was gathered but I needed a rest from it all.  I needed to make a plan for MY HAIR’S HAPPINESS.  Because don’t get it confused your hair has a special way of communicating with you & if you think it doesn’t you better pay attention.  I’ve had times where I felt bad & washed my hair and had instant relief.  (But that’s just my testimony, lol)  Now what are my hair goals?!?!  Here’s the concluded list:

  • Strength/Less Breakage
  • Chemical Free
  • Shoulder Length 
  • Ease of Styling  

The selection of “Protective Styles” left me some room to still be glamorous and conscious of what I was doing to my hair.   Buns, braids, sew-in weaves and wigs will be my saving grace as I transition.  Techniques such as the flat twist, Bantu knots and two strand twist and a gang of others, especially the wash & go will help we determine the look I want to go for.  What I’m looking to achieve is on the unexpected side from me.  But it’s my choice to become free of some of the beauty practices I’ve held on to for so many years of my life.  Some of them NOT promoting the success of the goals I had set for my hair.  This is me & this hair as of this very moment…

My Healthy Hair

So now I’m on the hunt to find products that will work to help me in this process.  Products that allow the natural texture of my hair to shine, not only physically but figuratively.  I’ve tried the Carol’s Daughter line of products and open to experiment with others. Through the research my 1st “Beautifully Tressed “regimen is a combination of Miss Jessie’s Original Crème de la Curl Cleansing Crème, Crème de la Crème Conditioner and virgin coconut oil for moisture as a pre-shampoo treatment.  I discovered two (2) tips that I plan to use 1) adding honey & coconut oil to your conditioner – for added moisture. 2) crushing garlic cloves and add to conditioner and let it rest on your hair for 1 hour – stop shedding (I keep a few bulbs of garlic in the kitchen)  I also will be taking the Hairfinity & MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane: organic sulfur compound) vitamins to promote more growth.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted with updates, product reviews and regimen changes as I work to accomplish my hair goals…  As always SMILE and keep :)…