My goals in life include staying healthy body, mind and spirit.  I attempt to make it to the gym 3x a week.  My current eating patterns can be better.  Lord knows I try to keep my spirit filled with faith and positivity.  However, with everything I do my health ended up on the countdown again his year.

The year started off strong.  The distance of the gym from my home kept causing me grief due to the drive and traffic.  I was eating properly and appeared to be maintaining my new 132 pound body well.  It felt good to be at my heaviest weight in my life but not too different from what I’m accustomed.  My mother even had the nerve to say I was “getting wide.” Say WHAT?  I was feeling great and I’m sure it was okay with the Mista because he notices everything but never said a word. 35

After the issues discussed in the previous post started, I completely turned in to myself and really didn’t give any notice to my health.  From the outside I was fine.  However, I knew the real deal.  Over the course of 3 months I lost 9 lbs.  It was gradual and I was noticing the difference by how my clothes fit me.  I began to hide in dresses and skirts.  The stress had become too much and I wasn’t eating, sleeping or exercising as I had only a short while ago.  This is the side effect of stress for me.  I knew what I needed to do.

I’d like to believe I’m as healthy as a horse.  No smoking, illegal drugs, sleep and proper nutrition have strengthened this idea in my mind.  Then I reached out to my doctor for a visit to see if something else was going on internally.  Of course, this was my thought before I owned up to the stress I was suppressing.  I informed you that I was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency.  My concern about my weight wasn’t ignored but they tried to talk me out of wanting my additional pounds back because I was at a healthy weight of 125.  I had gained a few lbs back but it wasn’t enough for me.  They tried a new formula for my appetite pill but it didn’t work because I was still skipping out on meals.  Something had to change.  A prescription for something to take orally was given but it just made me sick to the stomach and I stopped taking it.  This was something I would have to manage on my own.

In December, I experienced a strange occurrence for the third time in my life within one month – a TIA.  I didn’t know what it was but at the advice of co-workers, I went to the emergency room to get more info.  They kept telling me I was too young for this to happen to me and kept asking me if I was stressing.  My lips repeated no but my mind’s wheels were spinning to find out the root of my condition.  After several exams, I was discharged and given orders to follow up with my primary care physician and the hospital neurology team.  This was a pretty big blow to my confidence and once again I went into myself in fear of disappointment.  I set my appointment and have been doing an ugly dance with my doctor’s office to be seen by the doctor.  They have no idea this will be the last time I visit their office.  I’m in search for a new PCP.

Over the last couple weeks, I have been working to rid myself of the stress and stop worrying about things that are completely out of my control.  I have not had another episode.  I know all of the areas I need to correct so I can get back into my best possible shape and health.  This includes but may not be limited to sticking with my gym schedule/changing gyms, doing meal prep to secure I eat as needed and begin to communicate my feeling more frequently than holding it inside.  I will come back to you after my appointments to give you an update on my status.

Meanwhile, I feel great.




What would my spring, summer and fall be without the Slow Roll?  This past year I found out.  It was almost out of my control.  I missed it terribly and only got out for a few times this year.  However, I did purchase a membership.

The notice came prior to the season starting that all participants needed to purchase a membership to ride in 2015.  I bought my membership and was eager to ride.  The Mondays came and went, I just wasn’t riding with the tours.  Between nurturing a relationship and being overwhelmed with the size of the crowd, I was NOT participating.  I wanted to be there but I couldn’t escape my frustration with some of the horrible music choices, sporadic weed smokers and occasional under prepared children.  My first ride of the season didn’t happen until mid June with some co-workers.


I went out again a few weeks later and ran into a few familiar faces.  It’s nothing against the event.  I miss sharing this with my people as a group.  Generally I do things on my own because I don’t want others to stop me but I’ve come to a place where I’d like to share the experiences of my life.  This is a new revelation for me as well.  This is still a must-do in Detroit if you visit during the season.  Maybe I’ll be out a little more next year but I’ll always be a member.



I’m pretty organized.  Every morning I’m up early – running through the things I mentally noted that I needed to take care of.  Somehow, I manage to stop at least once a day to concentrate on what I was “suppose” to do.  On occasion, I remember whatever it is and other times it comes to me as I lay me head on the pillow.  I’m not proclaiming that I’m forgetful but I will acknowledge when change is needed.  I was determined to get my schedule in in check and become more productive.

I purchased a daily planner from target the beginning of the year.  Things were on track but I didn’t have enough space to write down what I needed.  So, I only used the monthly view pages, which allowed me to see when I was doing things.  I needed more!  A colleague (HA! – I said colleague) of mine had shown me her Day Designer Planner early this year and I never forgot it.  So I thought maybe this is something I need to invest in.  Needless to say, I kept going with my poor method and wasn’t maximizing my day.  In this new position, I realized that I had to get some order in my schedule.  I was on the hunt.  I liked the Day Designer but it wasn’t me.  I went to my homie, YouTube for answers.  Through a few comparison reviews and unboxings, I found the one for me in the eRiN Conderen brand.

Here it is!  Isn’t it lovely?  If you would like to hear the details of the order and features included, please follow me on Periscope @stoical127 for the live review.  Why I chose to go with this company?  I like the customization options because I don’t want to walk around with the same planner as everyone else. That’s just one of my quirks.  The colors were bright and changed throughout the year in the planner. There are motivation quotes, sufficient space to write and the little welcome pouch was a nice way to get you to try out other products.  So I ordered the planner after I finally decided how I was going to decorate my work space.  I decided on the Cynthia Rowley Floral office collection to breathe a little life into my cube of beige.

After some very stiff competition, I went with my favorite shade of blue in navy surrounded by flowers and we know how much I love flowers.  In an upcoming post I’ll show you how I decorated everything.  There are still things to hang on the wall.  You all know decorating takes time.  It’s never as easy as HGTV will have you to believe.  Is it wrong for me to want a chic chair or should I hold of until I get my library?  😉  I’ll be looking forward to your feedback in the comments.

Other reasons why I went with this I like the layout. It allows me to break my day up into 3 sections that are important to me and provide room for changes.  I’m not taking about morning, noon and night.  My days consists of fitness, work and evenings.  I’ll have some pictures after I set it up for you to have a peek into my daily life.  Another unconventional criterion was the CEO‘s energy.  She put a face to and voice to the products.  I felt she understood what some of us busy people feel. We want to take care of everything but feel there’s NEVER enough time in a day.  Some people wouldn’t have cared that she made those YouTube videos but it mattered to me.

I’m in love and have picked up quite a few tips on how I can make planning fun and personal for me.  The cover is my very own (check my IG: @bmisunderstood) picture and the cover can be switched out with another.  This is awesome for me because I like to change things up from time to time and like the idea that I never have to lose my cover because it’s time for a new planner.

I’ll keep you updated on how everything progresses through the year and if this method works for me as well.  🙂

The autumn winds have been a welcomed event and I’m going to bring you up to speed.  I’ve adjusted, recognized and featured on The Edge.  When I’m away from you there’s traditionally a great deal going on.  It’s only been a little over a month yet I don’t know where to start.  Bare with me if I start rambling but something tells me you won’t leave until I get to the end of the story.  Let’s get right into this leg of the journey.

At the end of September, I got a call on my desk phone.  It was the recruiter about the job I interviewed for a few weeks prior.  While holding back my excitement and a few gratuitous tears, I was offered the position and I accepted.  It seemed like things were starting to look a lot better in this very moment.  I couldn’t tell anyone because the process wasn’t complete.  It was hard trying to hold it in but I had to tell my day 1 friends that started at this company with me.  On October 5th, I was transferred to my new workstation and gained a new perspective of the company I was hired into.  Over the pass few weeks, I’ve been trying to get my area in order and adjust to my new responsibilities.  The 1st week was the hardest because I kinda missed tweeting at customers but as time went on I recognized it was time for me to do something different.

Meanwhile, during this time the Mista requested some time alone and I really didn’t know how to process this.  Why would he need time away from me?  What could I have done wrong?  So many questions were running through my head but I had to remember something that I determined earlier this year.  As long as we follow our own rules, who can can judge us if we fail.  The questions ceased and I went on enjoying this time in my life and getting reacquainted with my “me time.”  I like the time I have with myself.  Some time ago, I resolved I would probably never get married and started becoming comfortable with that.  Of course I’ve considered it since being with him but I can’t let go of the idea that it may not happen.  After a solid month, we reconnected on our own terms.

I haven’t mentioned the FOOTBALL!  That’s right if you follow me on Instagram (@bmisunderstood) you already know the kid plays for the Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School varsity team. We’re still enjoying an #undefeated season after the controversy.  Some of you got the story from my Periscope and the news. Check it out.

Division 1 Champions

The decision was overturned with suspensions of players involved and we went on to get the W against Cass Tech at Ford Field.  Last week we defeated U of D Jesuit and are scheduled to play Wyandotte this weekend.  This has been an exciting season and I’d like to think it’s destiny.  If you all remember, the kid use to wear the number 19 when he played for the West Side Steelers in PAL.  He holds number 80.  We both observed the relation on the day he got his number. 19 – 80, the year I was born.  I’ve been to every game and with this photo in my back pocket.


I’ll keep you posted on our results.  LET’S GO CRUSADERS!!!

In the background, the kid went to the homecoming in a throwback look from the 90s.  This picture does him no justice.  He wore a Coogi sweater, Levi’s and Clark’s wallabees. I didn’t even have to argue with him about it this year.  However, I did call my friend, Marv Neal, to give light on the significance of the Clark’s (thanks 😉 for the assist).  So, I think he’s growing up a bit.  True to my thrifty heart, I purchased the sweater on eBay.  Let’s give acknowledgement to the high top fade or Bart Simpson as the NEW kids call it.  I think he looked rather nice.


A doctor’s visit for my annual exam deemed unnecessary until they told me I have a Vitamin D deficiency.  How the hell do you get that?  Here’s what I found may have been my cause:

Researchers have also noted that vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in adults of all ages who always wear sun protection (which blocks vitamin D production) or limit their outdoor activities.1 People with increased skin pigmentation (such as those whose ancestors are from Africa, the Middle East, or India) are also at risk, as are the elderly.

Let me also include that my normal dairy intake is not what it use to be considering I’m not as local to the products I trust from Meijer.  So they gave me a prescription and I’ve started to make that journey to purchase the groceries I love which can assist me in turning this thing around.  Don’t worry about me, I’ll be just fine.  Other than that, I’m healthy as can be and headed back to the gym.  Yes, we’ve been through this gym break-ation (Comes from my new addiction to Wendy Williams, lol) before.  However, I never internalized the importance of the gym in my life.  Working out helps my attitude about myself and it’s helps me release tension.  My body feels like I was in one helluva fight after the first couple days but I’m determined to stick with it.

This will require a whole post of its own but I wanted to be let you all know.  This natural thing is almost at the end of my rope.  My mindset – I’m fidgeting with this hair everyday, back and forth with the idea of a sew-in and do not want to damage it.  It’s getting very exhausting and I need a change.  Yes, I’m coming up to year 3 of the 4 year promise. At this time though, I’m over it.  I’ve made an appointment for next Friday with Maya Mitchell and will follow-up on what happened.

I believe those are all the highlights.  If I think of anything else you should know, I’ll be sure to inform you. At any rate, I hope you all are well and smiling! 🙂

I’m certainly glad to tell you that I’m healthier than ever. The struggles I was having earlier this year were scary. I started taking better care of myself and managing my stress. The things I learned in 2014 are going to sustain me in my lifestyle changes. You can call me a THIM – thick & slim chick, lol! Here’s a briefing of my discovery.

I finally gained those pounds back that I misplaced for 5 months. The reason behind the weight loss were improper eating, stress and undiagnosed depression. After contacting Dr. Google, I acknowledged the symptoms I was experiencing were similar to those being treated for depression. Now, I had to get to the root of the problem to resolve this in myself. I figured out what it was and then started stressing about how I was going to make the necessary changes.


By the time I went to my friends wedding in Dallas, I had been to the doctor for a thorough examination. They had checked for everything. The only negative recognized was my malnutritioned blood. With this news, I decided to take control of my life again. I began eating again, with the orders from the doctor to return to the gym I went hard and began drinking water more. I even went a couple months only drinking water. I’ll return to this after while. The stress was the next thing.

It was coming from several different places. My son wasn’t displaying the best scholastic practices, there was a constant requirement from outside individuals for monetary assistance and I needed to prepare to move. One by one, I start letting these things have my best fight and by the middle of the year, I was winning.

Reading, moving and being quiet saved me from my mind racing. I haven’t been in the gym since October, long story but I’ve still been doing a few at home workouts. I’ll be back – my membership is still good. The depression was brought on by my financial obligations. I felt like I wasn’t getting ahead. These issues have been resolved.

Beautifully Misunderstood is better than ever and still on the happiness journey with a few extra pounds and better legs! 🙂

It seemed as if the weather would never break over the past couple weeks. I’ve worn Springtime clothe on Monday and searched for my boots by Wednesday morning. The winter has definitely taken a toll on so many of us – causing us all to proclaim in unison, I’m just over it! Through my frustration I even donated a few coats to the needy. Everyone was saying just be patient, there’s nothing we can do but wait and Spring will be here in no time but I had my own agenda. I needed the weather to break for one reason and one reason only – Slow Roll Detroit. Yes, the time was here for my bike gang to take over the city for a few hours every week again for 6 months. After being couped up in the house all winter and missing the last two rides I was anxious to get back out in these streets to pedal my Schwinn.


Sunday, March 30, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan at 11:30 am the beginning of the Slow Roll season was initiated. Dressed in my vintage Red Wings jacket and Chucks, I smiled as we ventured into the city from the Eastern Market. Accompanying me on the inaugural roll was my ace and sister Shawn dapper in her Detroit Jacket. The temperature was cooperative at 48 degrees. In true Slow Roll style people from all walks of life and regions in the metro Detroit area came out to roll. While riding I received several compliments and offers for the jacket I was wearing. Something instantly told me I had something to hold on to and it had an unreal value to me. I just said ‘Thank you” and continued on my way. (We’ll visit this jacket later on.) There were pictures being snapped, cars honking, corkers encouraging, strangers laughing and waving admirers along the way.

The most interesting part of the ride was the dodging of potholes, crates and road hazards all left by the fearless winter. The random hole informative that we use to warn riders behind us was more repetitive and warranted greater emphasis. At times, we stopped to go around a large hole. We saw a few people lose the battle against the potholes and destroy their transportation. In my most careful manner I managed to keep my bicycle from being listed in critical condition due to external causes. Event though the route was rough, we enjoyed our experience. Upon returning to Shed 2 of the Eastern Market for the after party and food, we were informed of our return to our regular schedule of Monday 6:30 pm meet and 7:00 pm rides. We parked are bikes and left them unattended as we journeyed to the food trucks waiting to serve us. As I stood in line for the Mac Shack and Shawn in the El Guapo the people drank talked and enjoyed themselves in the afternoon sun. I talked on the phone to my guy and told him the crazy tale about the offers for the jacket. True to the core he instructed me NOT to sell his jacket. I had no intention of parting with it. My order of Macaroni Cheese Balls with marinara was ready and I went over to see what was taking my sister so long. As soon as I get over to the food truck she’s waiting to be serviced from this guy emerges and offers $125 cash for the very jacket I’ve just been instructed NOT to sell. Hearing the explanation to why I can’t he gives up and asks for a picture of it for reference – I decline and walk away to eat my food. Turns out the dish I order is divine and my Slow Roll season opener is a success.

Spring could not have shown up at a better time. My excitement was felt through burning thighs and sleepy eyes when I returned home yesterday afternoon. Let me not forget to mention my new schedule at work which will afford me to roll slow with my people all season long. To some people it seems like complete craziness and that’s fine. Yes, we venture into some of the most undesirable areas. Yes, we’re not riding for any other cause other than unity and fitness. Yes, we ride through the streets of Detroit after dark. All of these things display the deep seeded desire to come together and love for the place we’re most often times associated with Detroit. For me it’s very simple – for up to 2 hours every week I don’t think about anything other than staying with the group and viewing my city on 2 wheels instead of flying by behind the one. This is a little peace I became familiar with experiencing while riding my bike with strangers has been restored to me through this event.


Smile and grab a bike and join me!















I’ve always been a thin girl. I’m not going to be fat, ever. Let’s get that straight. Whitney is not going to be fat, ever. Okay? ~ Whitney Houston

I certainly can understand what the late great was talking about! Thin- always with a pretty smile. Until my doctor told me I was underweight and things had to change. When I introduced myself to you in 2012, I was in the best shape of my life. CURVY! Being the decedent of thin relatives being the thick girl was never an option for me. After overcoming my low self-esteem because I wasn’t built like other females in my community. My face became the source of my strength and after many days of affirming myself that I was beautiful. I wore it very well and NOT from a shallow place. I felt like sharing this portion of my life with you as I looked around at the universal pressure to be fit, perfect and attractive. Most of the people I know are fighting to reduce pounds, get healthy and feel better about themselves. What could this possibly have to do with me? Well over the past couple months, I foolishly loss 12 lbs and have slid right back into the slim chick I once was! I don’t like it!

You’re probably thinking how can you lose 12 pounds by mistake! I’ll tell you how! All my life I’ve been able to just get up and go off adrenalin. I never required breakfast. So in a minor state of frustration & uncertainty I failed to eat properly. I was only eating enough to say I had ate and within a few short weeks the weight I had managed to maintain was gone. I could feel it when I moved, I saw it in the mirror and noticed it in my ill fitting clothes. Now I know some people are going to say I wish I had those problems. We’re all different. However please don’t ridicule me for my decision to be healthy.

Now because I’ve always been conscious of being in shape. I’m kind of a gym rat. I love working out but I had to realize I have to cut it out for a while to gain my proper eating habits back. No I do NOT have an eating disorder. Sometimes I allow things to overwhelm me and I just want to sleep. There was a period in November where for 2 weeks I had no appetite. This is not in my character. I love to eat, cook & eat your food if you have enough.

Here is a before and after picture of me and you can noticeably see the difference. I embraced it all! The picture on the left is from 2010 and I was 106 lbs. Right side of the frame was from my birthday when you all met me at a cool 130 lbs. I felt the best I ever have at this point after the initial shock of not being able to wear clothes I’ve had for years and paying attention to my body. I loved the skin I was in.

Over the next couple months I’m going to work on getting my happy body back! According to this app, Cal Counter, I downloaded onto my phone I have to eat a total of 3123 calories a day to reach my goal weight by mid-May. I’m currently looking for gainer diets to assist me. I’m underweight from where I felt the healthiest. I asked my family why they never told me I looked bad they ensured me they never looked at me that way. It’s not only those with a little extra meat that are concerned with their weights. Some of us are building our best bodies too. But we usually get overlooked because people tend to think we’re the lucky ones! We have health & fitness goals just as the rest of society does. Aren’t we entitled to be the best we possibly can be? I ask for your support because this is another part of my HAPPINESS journey.


The Prom

This was a shoe in for 1st place a couple months ago! Then I wrote it all down and The Detroit SlowRoll came in 4th place. Needless to say it did rank within the top 5 events for the year. As the season came to a close and I missed the last 2 rides, I knew I’d be anxious for the next season to begin.

I miss my Monday bike ride through the city of Detroit. Talking to everyone from all walks of life, laughing with old friends and the crazy girl chat that would go down in the mist of the hundreds of people. A couple ‘Good Fellas’ would be proud of all the real business we talked about with no one knowing exactly what we were saying. The guys that decked their bikes out like a house at Christmas time always brought the music. We even had one participant with the videos. I’ll be ready next spring to show them how I do!



20131227-223434.jpg Photo credit @backtodetroit on Instagram
Every week there was a new route and people! This has by far been on of the coolest things I’ve done while living in the city. While riding people often asked us “what are you riding for?” We’d say al kinds of silly stuff but the best had to be when we rode for Literacy!!!

20131227-223851.jpg A great cause to assist volunteers with the tutoring of children in the metro area. You all know I’m all for READING.

I can’t wait for it to start again. However I better get my bicycle of the the shop so they can have me out on the open road styling! One question- do you think I should get it painted russian navy or silver birch?


The Ambassador.jpg My Last Ride of the Season

Sounds like a dance, right? Maybe a combination of some Jamaican influence with a few Detroit twists, right? Nope not at all!! It’s a regional bike ride through the city of Detroit. People from all over, join together at these weekly determined meeting areas and ride slow on BICYCLES. I was introduced to this by my friends Mr. & Mrs. Eugene-Louis and it was the baby girl of 3 The Hard Way that suggested we participate.

I’ve been meaning to purchase a bike for some time now. But as #19 got older and he and his friends venture on their way daily. I didn’t have the urgency to purchase one because we weren’t going on our weekly bike rides anymore. So with the team saying that we were going this past Monday I had to find a bike fast. Where do you go when you need a particular thing fast and don’t want to spend a fortune on it – Craigslist! After searching and comparing the options I found, I decided to go with a vintage style New bike that a young lady moving in the next city over was selling. It was everything I needed with a rack on the back, if I needed to carry some stuff. So, after me and my boyfriend Cole picked it up. I was ready to roll. Now, the other 2 members of the group presented their own challenges but we got it together in good fashion. Free parking courtesy of that parking pass they gave me, when I was hired in that shiny building in downtown Detroit assisted us in the cost savings department. After an impromptu photo shoot in the parking garage and a quick restroom break, we were ready but behind the pack of people who came to Slow Roll.

After playing catch up to the crowd, we finally reached them at John R and Milwaukee which is located in Detroit’s New Center area. The herd of cyclers 500+ of all backgrounds, ages and professions rode side by side for 17 miles through some of the city’s forgotten neighborhoods. We stopped by the Dabis African Bead Gallery, bought crafts, talked to each other and took pictures before we started the 2nd half of the ride. I wish I had some information on a gentleman that became overcome by the experience and needed medical attention. I hope he’s okay. As we started up again, the sun had gone down and the moon was high. We were making our way back downtown which was our starting point.

During this leg of the event, we met some guys that promised us they’d help us “Pimp Our Rides” over the winter in preparation for next season. I wanted a horn, lights, new paint and my name stitched on the seat. That’s minimal compared to the iPads and iPods they had attached to their bikes with speakers (they provided the soundtrack for the evening), remote-controlled lights that changed colors and motorcycle kickstands that lifted the front end of the bike off the ground.

Feeling accomplished, hungry and excited for the next time we ventured into Sweet Water Tavern to have ourselves a celebratory meal and enjoy the remainder of the evening. Dwele joined us as we ate and laughed. There was no way we wouldn’t do this again and we had the schedule for the next couple weeks. I just have to figure out if someone can switch a day at work with me so I can go. An unfortunate event presented a change in my original plan to leave work early to participate. After taking the short ride back to our brother’s house, we decided to store our new pass time transportation in his basement until the next time.

Hands down this was one of the funniest things I’ve done in a long time. However, it’s always a good time when the 3 of us get together. Three things I know for sure… I’ll be back again!! Wear closed toed shoes (that’s a whole nother story) and I can still be fly and ride. Last but most importantly, be on time. Lol!!! That racing we were doing to catch up was not in the plan at all.

3THW Ridin'


Slow Roll Detroit takes place on Mondays. I found out about a couple other rides that take place at different times. I’ll just stick with this one and ride with my crew on the other days. Picture me Rollin’!!!

It’s a blast from my past that I enjoyed so much. Can’t wait to get to work to see will someone change with me. If not, I’m leaving early. I want to enjoy the summer as well!! 😉

Join us, search #SlowRollDet on Instagram and Twitter for additional information.

I know it appears that I have always had to together… Lol But the one area that brought me great pause and dissatisfaction was when my song would be played, someone would ask me to dance & I would have to decline. Not because I didn’t want to more due to the known fact that I couldn’t. Well not anymore!!!! Thanks to Mr. C I’m jamming on any surface that allows dancing. After much coaxing by a good friend I decided to go to the ballroom classes and have NOT regretted it. Four simple moves and everybody telling me to relax, I was on my way to becoming a dancer.

Let me give you a little history. Detroit is known for their style of ballrooming. It seems like every song played in the night spots can capture the movements of a good ballroom dancer. What self-proclaimed lover of the city and dancing wouldn’t want to know how to cut a rug on the dance floor? Nobody! People stand around for hours watching the really good dancers. Moving and swaying to the rhythm of the music but can’t quite seem to get the steps. I was tired of only knowing how to ballroom hustle (another Detroit favorite). I wanted to be twisted and turned by a smooth gliding man on the dance floor. Mr. C was my answer to a minor prayer.

So when I hear my song or any song that puts me in the mood for dancing:

I’ll remember my teacher saying to me; palms down, find your rhythm, walk it out, hesitation, 4 steps, half turn, 1 2 3 step back and the smile he had on his face when he’d yell out we jammimg NOW! I love and thank you Mr. C., from the young lady you predicted would be a great dancer, if I practice. So, the next time someone asks me “Do you wanna dance?” I’ll 🙂 and say yes as he leads me to the floor….