Rent is a concept that many of us are aware of in lieu of ownership.  The official definition is to pay someone for the use of (something, typically property, land, or a car).  What they didn’t mention were high fashion garments for special occasions.  This is my newest best friend- respectfully after music, books, google and carryout, LOL.  The program is affordable and convenient.  Here is just a little insight I have on Rent the Runway and some fashion friendly options for our pocketbooks.

I don’t claim to know everything.  So, when my friend Tony was getting married, I realized I needed a great dress for this event.  Let me add that my ex would be there in all of his – hell I don’t know what to call the momma’s boy.  My co-workers had mentioned Rent the Runway before in conversation.  One for her own personal use and the other for the girls going to prom from her non-profit.  After scrolling the selection of several stores and factoring in the cost of the ticket with hotel, renting was a feasible option for me.  I checked it out and was amazed by the selection and prices. There is a little something for everybody.  Dresses from $30 and up.  This was a match made in the stars – more like my favorites on the task bar.


I’ve used their service a total of three (3) times in the past 2 years.  It’s very easy to use.  Give them the date of your event, place your order and ship it back.  Other women who have wore the garments post their reviews of the item and give details about their size and shape.  I have found this to help a great deal in picking out the right size for myself.  The dresses I have ordered fit perfect and the compliments were never ending at the events.  As you can see I’ve worn dresses from some of the top designers in the business and a new collection I had never heard of in my life.

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Pay attention to the cost of renting the dress for one event to the price to hang it in your closet and pray for the day you can wear it again.  Yeah – that’s what I said!  They also send you a second dress in another size to ensure you have a comfortable fit.  In my initial test run for New Year’s Eve, you can see the size 0 dress hanging on the closet door.  They ask that you order items to be shipped one full day before just in case you need to make a change.  The dresses are packed to prevent any additional need for irons, steamers and whatever else we use to knock out wrinkles.  And the real brilliance of the program is the prepaid shipping materials for returning your purchase. Drama free – Gotta Love it!!


I’d advise all of my fashionable followers and family to give this program a try.  They also have an app available on Android and iOS.  This may not be for some of you rich folks but for all of us on a TIGHT budget, it’s s godsend. Here I am in all the garments.  There’s also an opportunity to buy some dresses during the clearance event.  One of these dresses I truly wouldn’t mind owning. Can you guess which one? 🙂

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