WiFi is essential wherever we go.  I mean EVERYWHERE!  If there is no connection, it must be important or I’ve decided to be off the grid for a little while.  Then I was watching one of my favorite YouTubers Alejandra when I noticed this little handy project.  As soon as I saw it, I wanted to share it with you and all the guest of my home.

This simple diy only requires 3 supplies and a large amount of trust.  You’ll need a picture frame, printed/collaged password information and scissors.

  • Cut the information to the designated size of the frame.
  • Place in frame.
  • Display appropriately in your home.

In the event you’re feeling petty or not so friendly, fold the frame down and carry on.  🙂

This is a very quick considerate project for your family and friends.  Let me know if you decide to post your passcode in your home.  If you’re not, meet me at the Starbucks nearest you.

The #HealthyHairJourney is one of the most recognized tags in the world, right now. Everyone is embracing their natural hair or at least acknowledging those who have made the choice to take this journey.  Earlier this year I celebrated my 13th-year relaxer free and 3rd year with limited heat.  I’ve come to a very tricky fork in the road and the jury is still out with the verdict.


Start of the year, my hair was booming.  Here it is after wash day in a flat twist. I noticed it was getting thicker and longer.  No one had touched my hair since the cut I received in November.  It was thriving and I was getting more excited about my next straightening and trim.  Time got away from me and I felt I needed to hold on a little while longer to retain a few more inches.  So, I decided to get some braids.

These felt comfortable.  The 1st set of braids I kept for 3 weeks.  On the next try, I called in the swift professionals at one of the local African braid shops.  Morning after morning, I jumped up, got ready for work and made sure my scalp was oiled.  I hadn’t had braids in a long time and I thought this would be the break I would need this year.  This had to be the best protective style for me.  My classic wig was starting to frustrate me – only because of its synthetic composition and the limited availability around town.  In addition, during this time I discover my hair is officially BLACK in color.  Not the same 1B it’s been my entire life.  The 2nd set lasted for 6 weeks.  I knew I needed to give my hair a break from this pulling of the braids.  This was my hair after removal.  I was in love.


I did a YouTube search to find alternative protective hair styles to reduce the stress on my strands.  With an extra pack of braid hair on standby, I pulled off a high bun (but I didn’t get a picture).  I wore that for about a week but something wasn’t right with my hair.  It wasn’t performing as trained.  It felt harsh but I wasn’t plucking the knots anymore.  I knew I needed to get it trimmed.  Two flat twists with braid hair bought me a little more time.


A subsequent wash day displayed some disturbing news.  I found several patches of hair in my head that were the length of my pinky finger.  WTF!?  When did this happen?  There were areas of my mane that are touching my chest, neck, and chin.  My heart and spirit sank – NOT AGAIN.  Let’s add this to the mix, I stopped taking the vitamins.  I was under the impression they were the cause of an acne breakout on my face.  I had no motivation to continue taking them.  I started to look into a salon near me to assist in getting my hair diagnosed.  My frustration with the possibilities was getting the best of me.  I conceded to the defeat with more flat twists and the shit still wasn’t feeling right.


Can you see the difference from the beginning of the year?  I’ll answer for you – YES!  Even if you can’t just act like you can.  🙂  By the time of this picture, I had an appointment to get this shit resolved and see the true damages.  Let me just tell you – I had a severe breakdown when I saw it up close.  The hair was gorgeous in some areas and look like a rat had been chewing on it in others.  I held the tears back but I knew what needed to be done.  The truth of the matter is; I’d rather have healthy hair over long hair.  I ran my fingers through my tresses one last time and in one stoic breath I said: “cut it.”

img_1120Now, I’m back to the drawing board.  I’m not completely warmed up to this idea of entering salon life, again.  In this first week, has been so conflicting.  I miss my coils, curls, and the fullness of my hair in its natural state.  However, on the other hand, I like running my fingers and feeling the wind blow through it.  The compliments have helped immensely.  I hate this happened but I’m glad I’m strong enough to know when to let go.  More than anything else – I still had my edges!

I know what my signature look is and I’m going to achieve it.  The vitamins may get thrown back into the mix.  It looks like I need to go back to my old ways – mixing my hair products and staying on schedule.  Another old friend will be making a few appearances. Can you guess who it might be?  I know it’s just hair to some of you – to me, it’s another accessory to set your look apart from the rest.  Staying focused is the name of the game.  The rules might change but who’s going to judge me.  This one head of hair is a small portion of my own happiness – I don’t care what India Arie says.  LOL 😉




I had a couple of posts last year about painting.  My painting days here were over.  This was under the assumption that I had completed this apartment to my liking and instructed my right-hand guy to dispose of the pigments.  In a moment during the spring cleaning, I discovered both colors under the sink.  In true Beau Miss style, I’m sure you know what happened next. 🙂
Within the next few weeks I scouted out areas in my temporary residence that needed a little life “off the wall.”  Of course I found the project I needed.  The dining room was screaming for a little attention. I had scored these white square frames from IKEA for $5 a piece.  They stored memories of one of my favorite events in Detroit, The Jazz Festival.  I generally pick up a poster at the fest to keep.  They turned out great after I cut them down to fit.  The dining room didn’t lack any visual interest.  All the walls are dedicated to my non judgmental best friend – music.  However, I had a grand vision for the space and some left over paint.  Take a look at what happened.

I truly love this look and was inspired to paint another area that was really perfectly fine.  The bathroom wasn’t bothering anyone but I had a half can of my favorite blue.  In the blink of an eye, I was on that wall with no abandon.  I like how it turned out but I have to build the decor up around it now!  (That totally wasn’t in the plan.)


These projects were completed during the Memorial Day weekend.  Following these projects I threw the cans into the trash never to return.  In a small space such as this that doesn’t offer me any outdoor space via my apartment, I’m always looking for ways that display my personality.  I grew up in a home where we always looked for things to do around the house.  It’s in my nature to personalize any space I live in.  During the next couple weeks some things will happen to make these urges more permanent.  The clock is ticking!
What changes if any did you make in your home with the change of the season?  Don’t fret my pet, I held on to the painter’s tape just in cast I’m inspired again. 😉

It’s an almost never ending saga with me and furnishing my home. You could blame those endless hours of HGTV, DIY channel watching, Pinterest scrolling, my upbringing or my need for perfection.


As I was walking in one day, I noticed a semi-empty space in need of attention. I like to have areas of interest. This one was lacking. On the top of my mini office resides my blinged out collection of picture frames. So whatever was going to live in this shared space had to sparkle. Then I found a quick fix to my compulsion. My love for Detroit would he highlighted here, again. (But that ain’t none of y’all business, lol). Off to the craft store we go!

I already had black poster board. The required supplies called for glitter, picture frame (any size), scissors, copy of the image and craft glue. While at my weekend home, JoAnn’s fabric and craft store, I discovered an ingenious product in glitter paper. A full sheet of paper with an adhesive backing covered in glitter. Well, slap me silly this project just became more cost efficient!!! I picked up some metallic pens to write a little message but that didn’t happen.


Follow these simple instructions:

~ Print off a picture or template of the item you want to see in glitter. Trace it out on the back of the glitter paper.


~ Cut out the poster board to fit the frame.


~ Cut the picture out, leaving the protective covering on the back.


~ Remove backing and position on poster board where ever you like.

~ Place inside frame and display anywhere.



This beautiful addition to our home only cost $7 in supplies and 45 mins. I’ll have this forever! There are several pieces of Detroit in my home. Who said, there is a limit to my love of the place I call home? In what ways have you incorporated a geographic place into your living quarters?

The season is still high for people to declare their New Year’s resolutions.  I’ve told you about my feelings on all that jazz.  You all know I prefer the idea of planning.  My office area is set for successful documentation of these things.  While going through some of the blogs I follow, I made my way to Tall Glass of Style.  I found a bit of inspiration on her style resolutions post.  The piece spoke to me because i’m a tomboy at heart.  There are times when I get involved with the very feminine activities of daily life.  On the general side of things I’m more of a wash & go kinda girl.  So here are my plans and so far in the new year – I‘m doing good.

My 2015 Beau Miss Plan

1. Do Laundry More Frequently

I have more clothes that allowed.  However, I tend to run through everything then struggle to pull my look together or buy more of the same item.  Something that I want to wear is always in the hamper.  This would result in me having shorter laundromat visits.

2.  Get Ready Get Ready Get Reeeeeaaaady

I’m kind of an early bird.  After the school run, I’m up until I take a nap.  It would be beneficial if I just got my clothes together then. This means all the way down to the undergarments.  That’s usually where I waste a lot of time. 

3.  A lil Definition

I love make up but you wouldn’t know it by the way I come out most days. A simple wiggle of the mascara, fluff of blush and lip color can go a long way.  I want to be as ready and prepared to present myself daily.

4.  Closet Queen

My clothes are in several areas of my home.  IKEA will be seeing a few more of my dollars to create a more effective flow for selection of my looks.  This space will require me to become more savvy with my storage choices.

5.  Not A Sneakerhead

I don’t have multiple pairs of gym shoes.  It’s not because I don’t like them.  The reason is more about me buying out of necessity.  This year I plan to incorporate more athletic wear into my wardrobe.

6.  Protect Ya Face

We all know that black don’t crack! I want to make sure it doesn’t lose it’s glow, firmness or gain any problem areas.  I’m taking better care of my face and skin through proper moisture, hydration and cleansing.  Night creams are my thing, right now.

7.  The Classics

Through my Pinterest-ing , I’ve discovered several list that inform you on the classic garments you need in your closet.  Work must be completed on my must haves.

8.  You Can Do It

Seriously considering constructing an article of clothing from a pattern.  I dabble in altering my clothes.  Making them may be a whole new world for me but I’ll keep you informed.  Between my love for Beaute’ J’adore and MiMi Styles – I can’t take it anymore!

9.  Dress My Age

Pay more attention to the garments I purchase.  Age appropriateness is key for me right now. I know I look good for my age but there is NO reason to dress the same way I did decades ago. For Pete’s sake I have a 15 year old kid.

10.  Keep wearing What I Feel

For the most part, what I wear is a reflection of my attitude for the day.  This is the driving force behind everything I put on and there’s no reason to change this EVER.

Do you have any fashion or maintenance plans for the new year?

There was a time when it was beneficial for me to stay close to that 8 Mile Road. Everything was at my disposal. Food, shopping and peace from the liveliness birthed in inner city neighborhoods. It was my great escape from everything I grew up around but I never lived in it. Moreover, the time had come for me to depart from my comfort zone.

So I packed my family and feelings up and moved into the downtown Detroit area. You’ve seen the Beau Miss Home, DIY and painting posts during the second half of the year. This has truly been a blessing for everyone involved. Most importantly – my peace of mind. My daily commute and time in the car has reduced by at least an hour. The job and his school are in close proximity which reduces my fuel expense. This was a great load off my shoulders and wallet.


Moving into our new home definitely began the number one event for us all this year. Be on the lookout for a full tour very soon. I certainly foresee us being here until he graduates high school. However, LIFE always has a way of making other arrangements, lol.

Let’s get ready for tonight and a new year! Here’s to a Beautifully Understood 2014.

HGTV has been the channel of my heart since its premier in 1997. I like tackling home decor projects and creating my own personality in a space. This year I pulled all the stops out while creating a comfortable space for my family. All these episodes and Pinterest pins came into play as I settled in to the new digs.

I’ve painted more this year than I have in my entire life! It was all great fun, even the hauling of six solid oak chairs up and down 3 flights of stairs. The bedroom projects were the most fun. I’ve never displayed the young lad’s chalkboard wall. This has proven to be a great communication medium for us.


The dining room is NOT complete as of yet but here’s a peek at the wall.


Then I tackled a gallery wall of different size frames. It is not complete yet because I haven’t stopped to get 2 (YES, I said two!) pictures resized for their respective places. Here’s a shot of how that turned out so far.


This is my family wall. The years to come will possibly result in the area growing. I’m happy with it. Then there is the entry way into the apartment. A small collection of picture taken from my Instagram.


I have a few additional projects but I’m almost complete. It’s been fun. However, I won’t be engaging in too much of this activity in the upcoming year. Why? This place will be finished! 😉