The flashy affair was over.  Finals were happening in a few days and The Kid was ready.  We attended the Senior Parent Breakfast and waited to pick up our cap & gown.  You will notice I talk about this moment as if it were mine but we worked at this. So, we celebrated this moment together.img_4143

Now, this senior breakfast wasn’t a high point for me.  Especially after I saw that buffet line.  In true fashion, that kid knew I wasn’t about that life and he got my pancakes. Not wanting to be a brat I stood in line for the other portion. During the running around, we took this picture. Yup – he got me by a few inches! God answered my prayers. 😉  This was the final whoo rah for the seniors.  The final grades were being calculated and the verdict would be announced the coming Friday.  These 10 days were taking the longest time to get to us.  This was the only moment we were really waiting on.  I told you about part of our struggles to get here.  See, his dad graduated out of summer school and he didn’t want to repeat that experience. We worked our asses off, he more than me but I kept a light fire under it to keep him on his toes.  Then June 9th happened and he handed me this when we met up with each other. img_4187.jpg

For the 3rd time during this journey, I shed a few tears.  He reached over and hugged me exclaiming “I told you I’d get it done.”  This cap and gown made it real. I held on to that thing like it was mine because somewhere in my soul it was.  I worried, prayed, and cursed to get him right here. I’m that teenage mom that had never even baby sat a child and here I was about to watch mine walk across the stage to accept his diploma. My expectations were firm but my methods kept changing but he did it.  Yeah, it would’ve been easier if he had done it my way but this was his story. I needed to let him do it his way.

So the morning of the graduation was here, and I posted the picture that matched my mood.  Hashtag #TheFinisher – I was beyond ready and I even packed a handkerchief. img_3986

This picture captured everything I was feeling about this meeting.  In a graduating class of 262 students, all I could see was him.  He strolled pass me as they marched in the theater of the Michigan Opera House.  This was a long ceremony and for a short moment, I was ready to rip all the programs up because I didn’t see his name. When I found it in its respective area, #CarryOn. Then they asked the graduates to stand up and I was on my muthf’n feet -which happened to be in some 5″ heels but let’s go. Then I got this message: I remember this paper being in his room on his desk and of course he forgot it. Now, I gotta run down the aisle like I’m on the Price is Right. Then I got back to my seat and cheered for all the kids that spoke when they were on the phone with him, introduced to me, called me “Ma, Auntie & Ms. Wilson.” Then I saw him make his way to the stage. #Leego The announcer said Lorez Wilson and I lost it – screaming, clapping, jitting up the aisle (my footwork was unmatched) and I did all of this while taking pictures.




Did you notIce me mention I cried? NOPE! I had shed all the tears prior to this day.  This day was for smiles. We did it. In 1999, this event seemed to be a million years away but with each passing year, I realized how close we were.  As we made our way out to the streets of Detroit, I couldn’t wait to see him and congratulate him one more time. I found him in the swarm of black and yellow.  His smile was as bright as the day but I saw something in his eyes.  We snapped a few images in the daylight.

I asked to see the diploma and he told me they had to pick it up from the school later on. WTH DPSCD? We left headed to Joe Muer for lunch with Grandma. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you he cut his hair off prior to graduation. I was looking at a young man ready to make his mark in the world.  Little did he know he had already done a good amount of that through me.  I was different because and for him.  He is the best part of me.  Everything I never knew I needed.img_4240
While we were at lunch I learned his dad had not shown up to the graduation, after I gave up my opportunity to monopolize this event. I knew I saw something in his eyes at the theater. It was sadness.  Afterward, he went and got a tattoo (how could I say no- I have 16) and I sat down to REST.  I thank everybody that was on this journey with me. All of your help was and still is appreciated.  You never left me out here to do this by myself. The village of Marti truly came through for this kid. There are so many to name but I’m positive I’ve already told you personally. Eternally grateful to you all for everything because I know your love for him is an extension of the love you have for me.

August 1st, while I’m sitting in my chair at work listening to inspirational music this little exchange occurred and it gave this chapter closure.

As we tackle this next mission, I’m positive he’ll be just fine but I’ll be right there to throw an assist if needed.



There’s nothing more gratifying than giving back to a worthy cause and I believe music culture including fine arts is a great program to invest in – especially in Detroit.  Bravo Bravo has come an gone and in true Beau Miss style, I’m going to tell you a little more about the evening’s events.  This year MaShawn joined me again and Eva made her debut!  You’ll notice a few familiar faces from the pics but the night was totally original.

This is an event you don’t want to miss.  It’s like the MET Gala on a Detroit scale.  High fashion, charity, celebrities and plenty of networking mixed with a whole lotta liquor.  In the name of fashion I decided to use my new go to find for all the special events in my life.  Rent the Runway or RTR allows ladies to lease high fashion garments at a small fraction on the retail cost of owning them.  This totally cut down my shopping time for this event.  I selected a NHA KAHNH dress and decided to wear the shoes I wore last year with the same bag.  Who goin check me?  Lol

This was the 1st choice of my quasi-stylist.  It fit like a glove and complimented my slim hourglass frame perfectly.  The next move was in the hair department.  This dress was so beautiful I wanted my hair to compliment instead of compete.  My newest weapon again blending with the rest of the attendees – Cold Wave Rods.  My go to hair styler.  So I got my hair pressed by my OG gangsta on these locks, Fred Converse of Dolce International Salon.  This man only did my hair for 11 years and knows my hair.  A quick ride home and setting the rollers in my hair had me riding around town like THIS.

Hunty, I had bought lashes and everything for this event and didn’t put them on Lawd Geezus.  When Eva showed up it was time or me to pull all my “S” together.  Makeup on soft and simple, nails on a clean clear coat and fragrance is The One by Dolce & Gabanna.  The completed look – elegant. A quick ride up the block to get MaShawn and let the party begin!

The food was fab as always and of course I found another little drank that was totally delicious. You already know   NOTHING is replacing my day one Belvedere. However, I’ve never let that ruin my night.  The drink I really liked was at the station next to the Rum Chata and I don’t even know the name.  😦

In true style and expectation, I ran into a few familiar faces.

What can I say, it’s BRAVO BRAVO.  It’s always a good time capped with a great grab bag at the end of the night.

Until next… Party less and impact your community through charity.  I mean they really know how to throw a party.

Great night as always!

I toyed around with the idea of attending Bravo Bravo this year until about 5 hours before the doors opened. There was no denying I wanted to be there. However, as I discipline myself to regain my financial freedom, this event looked out of the question. I was preparing to move, paying down debt and focusing on spending less. So a ticket for $140 was simply out if the question! Until I put my thinking cap on to factor that as my only cost for an evening to get out & circulate my cards around to gain some exposure.

This is a huge event! I needed to look the part. Diving into my closet presented many options because we (I say we because my conscious & impulsive minds were literally at battle) could NOT buy anything because we have the ticket. Through a shuffled, unedited, private episode of What Not To Wear. The winner was a vintage 50s silk robin’s egg blue dress, rhinestone Vince Camuto heels & edgy bag for drama. Winner winner lamb chop dinner. What was going to happen with my hair? It was a simple answer. Nothing! The focus of the evening would be the dress. Tonight was the night the rest of society would be introduced to my hair in it’s natural kinky state. Makeup was a no brainer – keep it soft. I was ready for the night.

My escorts this year were Erica & Jodi. After using my FREE PARKING pass and catching the tram to the venue, the night was under way. Food, drinks and laughs created the perfect atmosphere to work on my networking skills. We laughed together – great but if you asked me what I did, uh oh! I’m the owner of Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments, that’s my new answer! I had arrived and it was time for me introduce myself to the world formally. This is who I am, not just the lady working for the giant corporation.

People Mover Marti


After tasting food, sampling drinks and catching up with old acquaintances I journeyed back to my vehicle. Feeling one with the night I cruised up Woodward Ave in my vintage dress talking to a homeless man (who seemed to be more informed on current events than I was). I shot a text to my love to inform him of the adventure and enjoyed this gentleman’s company and conversation. As much as I wanted to take a picture of him my decency halted me. Nobody wants to be recognized worldwide as a homeless man. As we neared my vehicle, I bid him goodnight and passed him a token for his time. Here are the captured smiles and friends of the evening.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Another successful year for the arts and charity! I’ve already been thinking about next year which may bring forth a surprise escort. Tell me what you thought of my look. Keep on smiling! 🙂



At the end of every spring yearly, one of the largest fundraisers for the Detroit Opera House takes place.  People from all over the metropolitan area attend Bravo Bravo.  This is the night you get to stroll and sample food from different restaurants in the area, drink endless amounts of alcohol and socialize with people from all over.  The Opera House is transformed to permit dancing and a few different atmospheres for guest to enjoy.  The theme this year was black and white.  Basically this is the guideline to inspire your choices when choosing what to wear.  People in Detroit are more concerned with “What am I going to wear?” over “How much is the ticket?”  So the search began.  I live to find something on the internet and make an unexpected splash at an event.  With the theme in mind, credit card in hand and my computer charged I headed straight to Pinterest to see what was happening in fashion.  There I found a pin of a model in an all white suit and white top.  I said, “This could work.”  However, I remember my brother saying something to the tune of I never wear a dress.  I looked for a dress and found a nice dress on one of my secret sites.  These were the options. The Choices

What does my brother know?  I wanted that suit.  I needed to be at the 2013 Bravo Bravo in that suit! After a simple search online I found the suit and called to order it because there was a note in bold red lettering stating that the suit was on backorder.  After speaking with the customer service rep she informed me that it would be here.  Okay, great!! The day before the event was to happen. No suit! In a rushed effort I got up with my flexi-rods in my hair, a Sleeping Beauty bonnet on my head and headed to the premier mall in our area The Somerset Collection.  Now, I make it an effort NEVER to go out in this fashion but I needed my curls to set properly for the evening.  Faithful that I would find something that I could transform within the couple of hours before the event.  I had settled on just getting white slacks.  I walked into the store and spotted the pants.  Got in line and was ready to pay but I decided to go back and see, if I was making the right choice. On my second adventure in the store, I located the jacket that went with the pants.  BINGO, I got action!! Concern about the extra money I had to spend on this suit and I already had purchased a suit bothered me as I stood waiting to be assisted by the cashier.  While they bagged my purchases, she informed me that the jacket was on sale.  Ain’t God good, won’t he make a way!!! It was official.  I was ready to enjoy the evening.

Shawn, our cousin and myself planned to have a great time during the evening.  That’s just what we did.  Unable to go through all the details of the night.  I’ll provide a slide show of the evening.  Needless to say the suit was a success.  Glad I didn’t get discouraged by the non-delivery of the original suit.  Here we go from start to finish.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The suit came the next morning and with a small delay to grab a pen for it to be returned to sender.  I was done with it. To say I had a good time would be an understatement.  I had a blast, found some new beverages to put on my liquor list (elderflower liqueur by St. Germain) and did some amazing networking.  It was bigger and better than years before, but we already know I’ll be back for more next year 🙂

Start to Finish

It seemed as if I hadn’t been out in ages.  Let my people tell it I don’t know where I live because I’m out so much.  Needless to say  had a dazzling weekend in my hometown, DETROIT!!!  Partying and laughing with family & friends – Unforgettable.  The rundown went something like this: Family, Fashion then Friends… 🙂

Friday’s evening was positioned as the return of 3 The Hard Ways “Don’t Call It a Comeback” night.  All of us clad in our finery, TOP DOWN rolling through the bustling downtown Detroit area.  Just to end up at our neighborhood friendly night spot Next Level.  One of the few places in the CBD that allow gym shoes, t-shirts (dirty & clean) and ostrich covered bar stools. (raised eyebrow, lol) It was a welcome home party for one of my neighborhoods own.  Mindless to the attire of everyone else, we strolled our clearly overdressed for the venue selves up in the piece.  Familiar faces & a round of hugs was the appetizer to an unforgettable evening.  As usual my big brother was there in rare form supplying the comic relief, along with his band of brothers (friends).

3 The Hard Way

While gracing this place with our presence, I ran into a very good friend of mine and true enough I saw him a few days ago.  It was better seeing him out in the streets, even if it was a “hood” event.

My Homie from the ‘Mount & I

No drinks or food, just a cornucopia of laughs and slight rocking to the music.  During my departure, I was greeted by that someone I mentioned in my I Had A Blast post.. He communicated, in only a way that he knew how, that he STILL is the here.  I laughed it off and capped that night off as a great one.

Saturday didn’t have any plans until 4pm O_o.. Being the ever ready person that I am I welcomed the opportunity to catch Walk Detroit Fashion Show at the gorgeous Detroit Opera House… Guess who my company was??  Okay, you wouldn’t have got it any way, lol  My cousin Tina.  Clad in all black and fierce pumps.  We arrived a tad late but in good time.  Bullied our way into some pretty good seats and watched the fashions of several local designers (32 to be exact).  We were there to show our support for Chargrels.  Which lead me to believe that my friend Marv Neal was back there helping pull things together.  Confirmed by Instagram he was, lol.  Here are a few images from that night:

For some thing that started at 8pm it didn’t finish til midnight.  I did however see a few items that I must have.  Good fun, 2 pink moscatos and a trip to a port-a-pottie were the makings of the conclusion of night duex.

Sunday what can I say…smh  I went to get my nails done and wouldn’t you know… Steve had the nerve not to be there.  So, I had to venture into another one of the million nail shops around town.  Where did I end up in the only one where the lady thought she could do 2 pedicures, a full set and a manicure/ brow arch by herself….Ha!!! Her husband finally showed up so she could focus.  After that I went to a friend’s home for a BBQ.  Let’s just say I had a really GREAT time!!! Food, Music, Drinks, Friends and Flirting equal my kind of day.

The event went on without one problem.  Good times the whole evening through that resulted in me entering my home a couple of minutes shy of midnight… 🙂 I enjoyed this weekend.  It included everything that I love; smiling, laughing and eating!  A weekend such as this was needed, I been going through so much and I’m doing my best to get you caught up.  As always keep your positivity flowing and those 🙂 on your face…