I left you all with a helluva cliffhanger. You knew The Kid turned 18, is a senior in high school and scheduled for graduation.  It’s about time I bring you up to speed.  The picture from He’s 18, is from his senior pinning ceremony. Our next event was prom and after some teenage drama, we arrived in style for the big dance.

First of all, he did the whole prom-posal thing and the young lady accepted only to decline his invitation weeks before the event.  Never to be outsmarted, he decided to go by himself.  Then one day he calls me at work and says ‘he has a date’ – WHAT!? Within minutes, I see a face I remember and the dress she’s chosen to wear.  We were officially on a mission to find him the perfect complimentary suit.  He’s a classy kind of guy with his mother’s sense of style. 😉

We spent days looking for the perfect floral jacket, bowtie, and pants.  Then it all happened at once. Dinner jacket – found and the other parts just came to us, all at reasonable prices and Auntie submitted her order for it all.  We’re not rich people and refused to go broke for one event. Then there was the rental car situation and Grandma came to the rescue in that area.  Then the barber, Arf, gave him a cutting edge haircut to go with the look for the evening.  His date asked me to bring some chicken to the send-off. (You know that’s what the young kids have nowadays. Everyone comes over to one location to see the couple off to Prom.  There’s food, balloons, red carpets, backdrops, and lots of pictures.) After I picked up the chicken, I was on my way to see my kid which was ahead of me by 45 mins.27_3

I showed up and to my surprise, my sister was in town to see her #1 guy go to the prom. My family gathered at the young lady’s home. She looked adorable and the jacket was a perfect match.  As they rolled away in the Escalade, I told them to have a nice time and her parents stated her curfew. What they didn’t know at the time was their daughter probably had the safest date in SE Michigan. But I had to see things through their eyes, he was the driver and responsible for her safe return afterward.  Here’s a picture of the two of them prior to leaving for the Roostertail.Prom                      They both returned home at a respectable hour both reporting they had a good time.  For a good portion of his life, I thought of this day and what it would feel like for me. I can truthfully say I felt proud. He was a door holding, well mannered young guy that a daughter’s parents didn’t have to worry about when they were out of sight.

The Prom was over, the jacket was the most asked about attendee and The Kid was on his way to Cedar Point (some traditions never change – they were doing the same thing when I graduated 19 years ago.)

It was a night to remember and I moment I will never forget.  🙂

I know it’s been a few days since you’ve heard from me but you didn’t think I forgot about the 2013 Countdown. This year is full of cliffhangers & a whole lot of smiling. You know the drill for the next 10 days we’ll work our way to what I feel is the most significant event in my life this year. Here we go!

Coming in at a strong number 10 is an unexpected entry on the list. After years of regretting going to the show for an outing, date or even a highly anticipated blockbuster, I made it in more times this year than I have in the last decade! It all began with the need to see Lincoln before the Oscars. I truly enjoyed myself and the film. Then I was asked to go to the show again and I didn’t decline by my son. We went to this very (now) popular AMC theater with reclining seats for extra comfort. I knew I was turning the tide on an entertainment forum I had rejected for a long time.

It seemed like week after week I was in the theater to see a movie. I even experienced a rarity of being the only person in a theater to watch the movie. Can you believe it I was alone with my phone on?! After a little break from the film houses I read more books but I knew I’d be back due to some interesting previews I saw.


This is a big step for me because I really don’t like the inconsiderate behavior of other movie goers, extra noise or the high price of concessions. Figuring my way around all of this helped me overcome my phobia.

Marti won’t be left behind in the film world anymore. Thanks to a little more maturity and acquired skill for getting ready to go to the show. Smile :)!