I left you all with a helluva cliffhanger. You knew The Kid turned 18, is a senior in high school and scheduled for graduation.  It’s about time I bring you up to speed.  The picture from He’s 18, is from his senior pinning ceremony. Our next event was prom and after some teenage drama, we arrived in style for the big dance.

First of all, he did the whole prom-posal thing and the young lady accepted only to decline his invitation weeks before the event.  Never to be outsmarted, he decided to go by himself.  Then one day he calls me at work and says ‘he has a date’ – WHAT!? Within minutes, I see a face I remember and the dress she’s chosen to wear.  We were officially on a mission to find him the perfect complimentary suit.  He’s a classy kind of guy with his mother’s sense of style. 😉

We spent days looking for the perfect floral jacket, bowtie, and pants.  Then it all happened at once. Dinner jacket – found and the other parts just came to us, all at reasonable prices and Auntie submitted her order for it all.  We’re not rich people and refused to go broke for one event. Then there was the rental car situation and Grandma came to the rescue in that area.  Then the barber, Arf, gave him a cutting edge haircut to go with the look for the evening.  His date asked me to bring some chicken to the send-off. (You know that’s what the young kids have nowadays. Everyone comes over to one location to see the couple off to Prom.  There’s food, balloons, red carpets, backdrops, and lots of pictures.) After I picked up the chicken, I was on my way to see my kid which was ahead of me by 45 mins.27_3

I showed up and to my surprise, my sister was in town to see her #1 guy go to the prom. My family gathered at the young lady’s home. She looked adorable and the jacket was a perfect match.  As they rolled away in the Escalade, I told them to have a nice time and her parents stated her curfew. What they didn’t know at the time was their daughter probably had the safest date in SE Michigan. But I had to see things through their eyes, he was the driver and responsible for her safe return afterward.  Here’s a picture of the two of them prior to leaving for the Roostertail.Prom                      They both returned home at a respectable hour both reporting they had a good time.  For a good portion of his life, I thought of this day and what it would feel like for me. I can truthfully say I felt proud. He was a door holding, well mannered young guy that a daughter’s parents didn’t have to worry about when they were out of sight.

The Prom was over, the jacket was the most asked about attendee and The Kid was on his way to Cedar Point (some traditions never change – they were doing the same thing when I graduated 19 years ago.)

It was a night to remember and I moment I will never forget.  🙂

I know it appears that I have always had to together… Lol But the one area that brought me great pause and dissatisfaction was when my song would be played, someone would ask me to dance & I would have to decline. Not because I didn’t want to more due to the known fact that I couldn’t. Well not anymore!!!! Thanks to Mr. C I’m jamming on any surface that allows dancing. After much coaxing by a good friend I decided to go to the ballroom classes and have NOT regretted it. Four simple moves and everybody telling me to relax, I was on my way to becoming a dancer.

Let me give you a little history. Detroit is known for their style of ballrooming. It seems like every song played in the night spots can capture the movements of a good ballroom dancer. What self-proclaimed lover of the city and dancing wouldn’t want to know how to cut a rug on the dance floor? Nobody! People stand around for hours watching the really good dancers. Moving and swaying to the rhythm of the music but can’t quite seem to get the steps. I was tired of only knowing how to ballroom hustle (another Detroit favorite). I wanted to be twisted and turned by a smooth gliding man on the dance floor. Mr. C was my answer to a minor prayer.

So when I hear my song or any song that puts me in the mood for dancing:

I’ll remember my teacher saying to me; palms down, find your rhythm, walk it out, hesitation, 4 steps, half turn, 1 2 3 step back and the smile he had on his face when he’d yell out we jammimg NOW! I love and thank you Mr. C., from the young lady you predicted would be a great dancer, if I practice. So, the next time someone asks me “Do you wanna dance?” I’ll 🙂 and say yes as he leads me to the floor….