There’s nothing like a good sale when you have a few extra dollars.  You almost can’t wait to give your money away for whatever tangible item it might be.  Well, I must confess, I don’t like spending a lot of money.  I like the classic combo of a sale price coupled with an exclusive coupon.  So, one Saturday morning as I’m scrolling through emails I find this and jump right in the shower and prepare myself for the journey.  I mean seriously, how could I turn this sale away.  I love 1/2 off – not as much as 75%.  😉

The second-hand store has my heart. I’ve always had a love for old pieces.  As a child, we would visit the antique market in the Eastern Market weekly.  I didn’t get into buying clothes from the thrift store until I was an adult. It started in small boutique shops then I ventured into the larger chains. I’m hooked and I can admit it. Oakland County locations are the best and if you’re from around here you know what the OC means! So, I walked into the Value World location with no purse, comfortable shoes and nothing but time. Yup! I was prepared for the hunt through stale industrial detergent smelling items for little gems I could add to my wardrobe. (I’ll be sure to take you along for the next round in a few weeks to show you what it looks like.)

My methods are focused and success driven. I have an idea of what I need in my wardrobe and what sections may produce the unexpected steal. These are the areas I focus on when entering a large thrift store for fashion: work, trends, men’s.


The men’s department gave me a blue oxford shirt (I forgot to get a picture.) This is generally what I pick up from that section or a cardigan/sweater.  It’s the tomboy in me that keeps me in that section. I like oversized sweaters and men’s dress shirts for casual days and weekend attire.

My shopping didn’t end with those 7 pieces.  The journey continued as I sought out a few trending items. Kimonos, scarves, and sequins.  Only one of these were fruitful – scarves. I like to wrap my hair/head up from time to time.  Sometimes it makes an outfit grand.  I only wanted the ones with great pattern or silk.  Now, if a scarf embodied both of these characteristics, God bless us all. After searching each end cap’s selection of scarves, I walked outta there with 6.  Some restraint was displayed because at one time while in the store I had 14 in my cart. Then when I got home I realized one of these things was hiding a secret.  I’m not a label whore but I literally screamed when I saw it but it said Balenciaga.  SCOOOOOOORE!!!!

The only hang up I have with Value World is their lack of fitting rooms. I’ve been spoiled by Salvation Armies, Mother Fletcher’s (RIP), and Lost & Found. The majority of your goods are clothing items and the return policy is non-existent. So, why wouldn’t you want to have at least one small area dedicated to physically seeing if this garment works for you?  I mean, I literally had an in-store associate cover me while I got 50% naked to see if that black dress would fit nshit. Heaven help someone that doesn’t feel this motivated to make meaningful purchases in the second-hand store.  I don’t care if the thing is only $5. It’s my money and I don’t want to waste it.  Do better Value World!


These are the tags from my haul. Okay, not all of them but 80% is damn good. LOL! Now, add them all up and divide that by .50. I walked away from the register with 20 items for $45. BINGO! The time spent was well worth it. All of these items haven’t been placed into the rotation. Some are scheduled to go to the cleaners. The scarves, shorts, and tops have been washed in Tide/Downy Scentables being dried with a Bounce dryer sheet.  That’s all I really need – ensure they are clean.

Since I began shopping at these type of stores, my anticipation about the mall is ever present. I don’t like spending full price and appreciate the individuality of secondhand finds.  It almost guarantees I’ll be the only one with a specific garment on at a particular time and I relish in my individuality.

Are you a fan of the secondhand/thrift stores?



I know you all are tired of me doing this – the disappearing act. Even if you’re not going to say it, I’ll tell you. I’d be tired of it myself but I’m back and I appreciate you all for stopping in and checking while I was out of the office. 🙂 There is so much to catch you up on. This is going to go by very rapidly but you can expect a post from me at least 3x a week.  Here are a few highlights from the posts to come:

  • House Hunting
  • PTSA Elections
  • Prom
  • Lance
  • New Assignment
  • This Hair of Mine and so much more.

I need you to have the trust of a mustard seed in me.  The postings will being Friday and continue until this entire story is available for your reading pleasure.  Catch you in a few!

I’m pretty organized.  Every morning I’m up early – running through the things I mentally noted that I needed to take care of.  Somehow, I manage to stop at least once a day to concentrate on what I was “suppose” to do.  On occasion, I remember whatever it is and other times it comes to me as I lay me head on the pillow.  I’m not proclaiming that I’m forgetful but I will acknowledge when change is needed.  I was determined to get my schedule in in check and become more productive.

I purchased a daily planner from target the beginning of the year.  Things were on track but I didn’t have enough space to write down what I needed.  So, I only used the monthly view pages, which allowed me to see when I was doing things.  I needed more!  A colleague (HA! – I said colleague) of mine had shown me her Day Designer Planner early this year and I never forgot it.  So I thought maybe this is something I need to invest in.  Needless to say, I kept going with my poor method and wasn’t maximizing my day.  In this new position, I realized that I had to get some order in my schedule.  I was on the hunt.  I liked the Day Designer but it wasn’t me.  I went to my homie, YouTube for answers.  Through a few comparison reviews and unboxings, I found the one for me in the eRiN Conderen brand.

Here it is!  Isn’t it lovely?  If you would like to hear the details of the order and features included, please follow me on Periscope @stoical127 for the live review.  Why I chose to go with this company?  I like the customization options because I don’t want to walk around with the same planner as everyone else. That’s just one of my quirks.  The colors were bright and changed throughout the year in the planner. There are motivation quotes, sufficient space to write and the little welcome pouch was a nice way to get you to try out other products.  So I ordered the planner after I finally decided how I was going to decorate my work space.  I decided on the Cynthia Rowley Floral office collection to breathe a little life into my cube of beige.

After some very stiff competition, I went with my favorite shade of blue in navy surrounded by flowers and we know how much I love flowers.  In an upcoming post I’ll show you how I decorated everything.  There are still things to hang on the wall.  You all know decorating takes time.  It’s never as easy as HGTV will have you to believe.  Is it wrong for me to want a chic chair or should I hold of until I get my library?  😉  I’ll be looking forward to your feedback in the comments.

Other reasons why I went with this I like the layout. It allows me to break my day up into 3 sections that are important to me and provide room for changes.  I’m not taking about morning, noon and night.  My days consists of fitness, work and evenings.  I’ll have some pictures after I set it up for you to have a peek into my daily life.  Another unconventional criterion was the CEO‘s energy.  She put a face to and voice to the products.  I felt she understood what some of us busy people feel. We want to take care of everything but feel there’s NEVER enough time in a day.  Some people wouldn’t have cared that she made those YouTube videos but it mattered to me.

I’m in love and have picked up quite a few tips on how I can make planning fun and personal for me.  The cover is my very own (check my IG: @bmisunderstood) picture and the cover can be switched out with another.  This is awesome for me because I like to change things up from time to time and like the idea that I never have to lose my cover because it’s time for a new planner.

I’ll keep you updated on how everything progresses through the year and if this method works for me as well.  🙂

Who would have known I would still be here with you on this faithful day 3 years ago? Nobody!  That’s what makes this entry so special.  I didn’t believe this platform could keep my interest as long as it has.  The things I’ve shared here have helped me deal with life and moving forward.

Happy Burfday Beautifully Misunderstood


There will be some exciting things happening this year as I look forward to keeping you informed on my journey to happiness!!


Yes, I completed the second year of journalling my journey on January 10th! It came up so fast after the new year it slipped right by me. Unnecessary to say that I’m still enjoying myself & finding more strength in my choices, embracing my pitfalls, relishing in my accomplishments and maintaining a more conscious social experience.

It seems so fitting that in the coming months there will be changes, additions and re-introductions of old favorites. Here’s what I currently have in store and I’m going to work hard to follow my plan. (Y’all know sometime I get a little side tracked 😉 ) During this year I’m willing to offer up more of me and my life!

The changes I want to make are concentrated on the frequency of posts and type. As some of you’ve already noticed, I’ve included the Beau Miss Series in this blog, which actually came from another blog I was attempting to write. The stress of wanting to have the lifestyle features & journaling my journey was too much. I decided to close it down and incorporate it into my story because it is a part of who I am. I love all things domestic and included in making a home. There will be recipes, decor inspiration, my favorite things and news on exciting events! There will be more photos of my fashion choices. This is just to illustrate my current looks and fashion sense. It’s pretty simple to me but others find it bold and amazing. Another area of Beautifully Misunderstood that receiving a makeover is the Beautifully Understood Series, these are our inspirational quotes from individuals that resonate with us to look at things in a different light! I’m going to get back to doing those. In addition on the 27th of every month (because that’s my burfdate) I’m going to do an Oprah Says. She is one of the most influential people in my life. I felt we might need a positive push into the next month. I want to post more of the Happiness Quest Interviews but the reception from the invited features lags and there are only 5 questions. Hopefully I can re-energize the series in 2014. I only had 1 last year. 😦 This will move the journal into a new space but I’ll continue to communicate with you as I always have – COMFORTABLY!

I thank you all for being with me, liking my stories and your kind comments! You all are the best for taking interest in one of Detroit’s own & I’m not talking about Kwame Kilpatrick! 😀

Keep smiling! It’s the 1st step to feeling better!!

Thank You So Much!!!


After spending the entire Summer season on the night shift, my opportunity to choose the schedule I wanted 1st came. I didn’t go for the most desired of schedules but it’s a favorable one. Moving to the day shift seemed to be a better fit for my life. The kid’s school is literally down the street and he has to be there 30 minutes before I am expected at work.

In an effort to keep things moving and not waste time and gas. We meet up in the lobby of the office and continue our day from there. On Mondays, he joins me on the Slow Roll and on the other days he readies himself for football practice. Seems pretty seamless right! I’ve discovered this can’t go on!

My days are not as profitable as I’m accustomed to on my journey. Most of the things I’d like to do are NOT getting done due to the time in transit and waiting to return home. After returning to my residence, I’m beat and I just want to go to sleep. How can I when I have a hungry kid, new puppy and small business that need me? Something suffers from the neglect. The 1st was my blog! It hurt me to see readers come everyday and I had no new content. I’ve taken my time to build this platform not to see it crumble. The next thing was Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments. Sure, I was getting the word out via Instagram but my stops at local beauty shops in the area were cut out. This created a negative effect financially on me. My ability to get out to the people and show them the product had taken me further than ever before. The new additions to the line were ready but I didn’t have the time to promote as in the past. As you can see, I wasn’t even considering ignoring #19 and Langston! It may have only been a short amount of time but it was theirs to have. It was at this moment, I knew I had to make a decision. Yes it was going to be hard on us again but it’s what had to be done. It’s the only way I’ll be happy! Isn’t that what this is all about taking risks to reach my ultimate goal? Most definitely!!

🙂 for me because I’m still 🙂

I’m rounding up the top 3 in the 2012 countdown.  That would have to be pulling this blog together all from three words that described me.  Wait a minute, I never told you the story of how the title of the blog came to be.  (ding-dong, lol)  So, some time ago I posted a Facebook status that asked people to describe me with one word.  You wouldn’t believe only 7 people responded.  The guys were content with “beautiful”, my baby sister chimed in with “misunderstood” and my friend/brother rounded it off with “fortitude.”  Now, I smashed these words together but it just seemed too long.  That in mind, dropping the “fortitude” was the best option.  I rationalized that by saying one could be Beautifully Misunderstood Anything (strength, style, chaos, fear, etc).  It just seemed more fitting and universal.

I’ve enjoyed chronicling my journey the good, bad and amazing with the world.  So now when I say “Google Me,” it has a whole new meaning.  This blog has been the platform for a few other endeavors to tackle.  I’m just amazed that I stuck with it and so did my readers.  What’s even more amazing is that I have connected with  someone from 6 of the 7 densely populated continents in the world.  You have no idea what that means to a girl from 3rd street in Detroit.  You may have noticed the 3 in the feature image.  That’s the symbol we throw up.. (I’ll always represent my hood) Lol!!!  At certain times you’ll notice my hood girl comes out.  That is at the core of me and people all over the world have taken interest in me.  This experience has been humbling and a force for me to achieve the dreams that I have set for my life.  When this all started, the plan was to only do this for 1 year.  My plans have changed & I’ll be around to share the accomplishments, choices, pitfalls and social events of my life with you.  I’m so honored by the reception received and look forward to so much more.  Thank you 🙂