I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty organized person.  Even with things highlighted in my phone or a handwritten note, I was missing things.  A co-worker /friend introduced me to the planner life.  You know the story!  I thought it was going to be a phase that I was going to go through.  Nope.  I found myself looking forward to getting my 2017 edition.  The next year will be filled with dates, deadlines and I wanna be ready.
My 2016 planner has a complete story for the year.  I learned how to do a bullet journal, track my habits and diagram my financial goals.  It didn’t look like the master planner layouts you see on Instagram or Pinterest but I understood it.  I used my colored pens to distinguish events.  Decorative tape assisted me in creating a code without writing the full details.  There are scratched out areas, notes, phone and confirmation numbers throughout.  I take it everywhere I go.  At times, it has proven to be more useful than my phone.  The covers edges are curling but I still love it.

After weeks and weeks of pondering over the design and trying to add a picture, I finally was ready to seal the deal.  However, no matter how much money I have, I’m always looking for a deal.  I had a $10 off offer code but I needed more.  The original cost of the planner was $65.  Then after reading a few reviews about the ’17 model and watching YouTube unboxings, I knew I needed a few additional accessories this year.  So, my cart was filled for quite some time before I pulled the purchase trigger.  Then one day before I got off work, I went and checked the website to learn more about the decor items.  Would you believe they were having a 30% off promotion and I could stack my little ten dollars on to that?  Yep, SOLD!

I waited for my new baby to arrive and of course the leasing office was holding it, hostage, again.  This one was just as beautiful as the last minus the custom photo.

Purchasing a few rolls of washi tape on clearance from Home Goods.  I had all I would need for the coming year.  In addition, I also had 2 more offer codes from Erin Conderon for 20% off my next purchase. (If you’d like to share in the savings, be the 1st to comment on this post and I’ll send you the code.)  I was a little confused that these expired 12/31/2016 but I’m sure I’ll make it work to my advantage.  I’d like a sticker book to add to the planner decorating team.

The main reason I enjoyed this tool, it gave me accountability, put things right in my face and acted almost like a call to action.  I could do it, move it or disregard it.  Either way, it was my decision.  Let’s see how wild 2017 can get.  I have a special feeling based strictly on the numbers.


You didn’t think I forgot about our monthly motivation! And would you look at that it’s on time, lol!


I’m sure we’ve all made statements about what we’re going to do differently in the future. In this case, the future is nearer as we approach the new year. I don’t like the idea of new year’s resolutions but I understand the purpose of them. The idea of making a plan is more appealing to me. The changes you want to make in your life don’t have to wait but if that makes them more measurable – I get it. The best thing a person can do if they want things to be better, change something.

Everyone’s changes don’t have to be the same. My alterations are custom to my needs. The best way I can assist you is to advise you to make a plan. Write it down, place it someplace you’ll be reminded of daily and tackle it when the time permits. Reward yourself when you’re able to mark something off the list. Make it count!

Make 2015 the BEST year ever!


Yes, I completed the second year of journalling my journey on January 10th! It came up so fast after the new year it slipped right by me. Unnecessary to say that I’m still enjoying myself & finding more strength in my choices, embracing my pitfalls, relishing in my accomplishments and maintaining a more conscious social experience.

It seems so fitting that in the coming months there will be changes, additions and re-introductions of old favorites. Here’s what I currently have in store and I’m going to work hard to follow my plan. (Y’all know sometime I get a little side tracked 😉 ) During this year I’m willing to offer up more of me and my life!

The changes I want to make are concentrated on the frequency of posts and type. As some of you’ve already noticed, I’ve included the Beau Miss Series in this blog, which actually came from another blog I was attempting to write. The stress of wanting to have the lifestyle features & journaling my journey was too much. I decided to close it down and incorporate it into my story because it is a part of who I am. I love all things domestic and included in making a home. There will be recipes, decor inspiration, my favorite things and news on exciting events! There will be more photos of my fashion choices. This is just to illustrate my current looks and fashion sense. It’s pretty simple to me but others find it bold and amazing. Another area of Beautifully Misunderstood that receiving a makeover is the Beautifully Understood Series, these are our inspirational quotes from individuals that resonate with us to look at things in a different light! I’m going to get back to doing those. In addition on the 27th of every month (because that’s my burfdate) I’m going to do an Oprah Says. She is one of the most influential people in my life. I felt we might need a positive push into the next month. I want to post more of the Happiness Quest Interviews but the reception from the invited features lags and there are only 5 questions. Hopefully I can re-energize the series in 2014. I only had 1 last year. 😦 This will move the journal into a new space but I’ll continue to communicate with you as I always have – COMFORTABLY!

I thank you all for being with me, liking my stories and your kind comments! You all are the best for taking interest in one of Detroit’s own & I’m not talking about Kwame Kilpatrick! 😀

Keep smiling! It’s the 1st step to feeling better!!

Thank You So Much!!!