The new year will be here in 5 days.  Don’t kill the good vibes stressing about the countless things you wanted to get done in 2016.  This is the most wonderful time of the year.  It’s reminiscent of a restart button. Check this quote out.

I certainly understand how this season can become the breeding ground for depression and ill thoughts. You can’t focus on the things you haven’t done, got or said.  This moment is it! Enjoy the present we’ll get to the laundry list of things you have to-do on another day. If this moment is a manifestation of how you feel, turn that thing around and create some good memories. 

When you step outside today, take a deep breath, look all around you, be thankful for what your life is RIGHT NOW, and smile. I’ll be with you as we prepare for 2017 but we won’t be doing that today – Okay!

I’m no fashionista. Just a regular degular shemegula girl that likes to look great no matter what the occasion. As I become more responsible with my finances, the Internet has become the best place for me to treat my retail addiction.  Here I can fill shopping carts, stalk sales, and shutdown without feeling the impulses the stores create.  Then there are times when I have cash and this form of therapy isn’t an option. Step in Polyvore app.  Here I can become inspired by all things fashion including home. Let me show how this has become my favorite app for my closet and living quarters.

(Just a little background – Tamika and I love fashion but these Midwest professional streets – wanna hold us back. Cue the Rick Ross tune.  After a few short hours of intense research on her part we had both developed a new hobby.)

I was in complete awe when I saw all the options and items.  We had always wondered where those pictures came from and now we knew.  However, we didn’t know it was going to be like this. Here are a few sets I created in my inaugural weeks.

There’s no denying fashionable side.  My true love is home fashion and interior design.  I often think about how great my place would look if I had an endless amount of cash – OMG!  Moreover, I have made a point to create a less than common approach in my own home.  Polyvore allows me to daydream in color and change my mind millions of times without spending a penny or having to return something because I found something better.  This was my 1st home fashion set on the app and it took me almost 2 days to create it.

The very unexpected component of this app is the functionality to purchase what you like.  I’ll keep my retail-addicted heart calm until I get a few more things in order before I start going crazy.  In the meantime, Polyvore is keeping my mind off of things I tend to think about more often than needed.

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Over the pass month, I have dedicated my voice to the national cause of the Detroit Public Schools condition.  This Is An Emergency was my official response to concerns I have been discussing amongst friends for months.  These children are being denied the resources to succeed in a world that openly acknowledges the more education you have the better off you will be in the future.

This Oprah quote is important in so many levels.  Being a product of public education within an inner city, I know the struggles of children to see a positive example of successful in your family/neighborhood.  My mother was an accountant.  She was the only person I knew that worked a corporate job.  Everyone else was either always looking for work, selling drugs or working a job I could never see myself holding in the future.

It was in school that many students found the other options in life.  Here is a list of careers I considered through school:

  • Mortician 
  • Veterinarian 
  • Engineer
  • Dentist
  • Mayor of Detroit
  • In there somewhere I wanted to be a race car driver and was told upfront by my mom “that’s not going to happen” lol

They find out the importance of higher education.  There are so many things going on in our family structures and neighborhoods that can deter/discourage a person from believing in something better than their present state.  This is the beauty of school.  It provides you with a looking glass into the land of possibility. 
When schools are unable to stimulate the minds pass their current situation it has failed. I was fortunate to have my mother as an example.  However, too many inner city kids don’t have those options and that’s why schools have to step in to show them the way to success.  We need to get our inner city institutions back to a place where they can inspire those that lack inspiration from the immediate world they see around them and prepare them for success adequately.

One the 35th anniversary of my birth. I feel older, wiser and even more ready for the next adventures of my life. There may have been times when I’ve cried, laughed and gave a serious tongue lashing. None of these moments hindered who I’ve become.


My life may not be where I planned. I have excepted what was and have designated the energy to be happy. That’s one of the greatest things I possess. My happiness is not determined by material gains. The idea I’m consistently working toward is a mental state or pure happiness. I haven’t reached the apex but I’m making steps toward it everyday.

beautifullymisunderstood says:
November 26, 2014 at 4:47 am
It’s a feeling you can’t describe… You send them off in to what seems like the front lines of a war everyday but you have no clue who the enemy is and you’re not at peace until they return home.
This was a beautiful post.

This was my response to the question posed by Jennifer Palmer.

Her response represented a small sample size of America that may never know what we, MOTHERS, go through. Thank you. Thank you for your vulnerability and sharing this experience with me. I truly can’t imagine, and my heart aches for you. Love to you and your family.” Please read these simple words that carry massive weight in my heart.

almost open book

Last night fire swept through the streets

Climbed the walls,

The rugs racism has been swept under,

Heavy.  Burning.

I am white,

And I am guilty.

Of not being brave enough

To sit down with a black mother

Look her in the eye

And ask,

“What does it feel like?”

To be afraid for your babies

Your beautiful children, eyes full of love.

I am a coward,

Because I was afraid of the heaviness

Of letting that pain into my space.

My privilege is the freedom

To acknowledge oppression

Yet decide when I want to have the conversation.

Choosing whether to avoid the discomfort.

Choosing at all.

Maybe change begins

When suffering is so vast

It no longer fits inside human bodies.

When the ugly silence of fear

Is so loud, we can no longer deny it.

And when my heart aches as I look at you

Knowing that your truth…

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As we all have become motivated by Auntie O’s “Life You Want” tour. I thought it was time to point the fingers at the person most responsible for the outcomes in our lives. IT’S YOU!

Art is a great metaphor for each individuals life. Everyone is not Picasso. Some of us are Norman Rockwell, Annie Lee, Nychos or Georgia O’Keefe. There are even some kindergarten artist among us. What’s most important is that we make the decisions to project or display what we want the world to see through ourselves. Our lives are our canvas to paint our legacy!

Make the last few weeks of this year impactful through your definition! 🙂

Tekla Vintage

There’s no surprise in the fact that I love to shop at the resale stores more than the mall.  Once you start finding those fashion gems that stand the test of time you want more.  On a brief trip to Hamtramck, I discovered a place that took my breath away.  Tekla Vintage is the name and a chalkboard sign was the only indicator I needed to inform me that I needed to go inside.  After parking the car and feeding the meter, I walked pass the couple storefronts in hopes of finding a new place to purchase more personality for my wardrobe.  The baskets of straw hats should have shown me this place was something special.  These hats were brand new from their respective fashion era with the tag still on them.  The 80s, 60s and 50s were all represented and offered for $10.  I love a good hat but didn’t find one I like.  The display windows ordered me to go inside.

Come Inside

I had been transformed to place filled with vintage music, retailer décor and retro clothing.  The racks were full!  Mirrored display cases showed off the most interesting head pieces, handbags and other accessories.  As I combed the racks in sheer amazement that I had somehow missed this place, I kept noticing these words – New Stock from 50s and so on.  These clothes had never been purchased to be worn.  So it was a real vintage experience.  Garments from decades gone by presented to new shoppers for the taking.  It seemed as if my joy had reached a euphoric peak as I pushed garments from side to side trying to find something I could not live without.

I began to get a little discouraged because the customer service wasn’t really up to my standards.  These two ladies seemed to be buzzing around in their own little word, having private conversations and the worst part ignoring me.  As my old patient, Pauline Klein, would say “haste makes waste.”  I did not respond with anger or leave the store I made up my mine to look at everything before I made the ruling on supporting this store or never looking back.  Once I arrived in the area for the slacks and pants, I stumbled upon the most gorgeous items and removed them from the rack in hopes of this place offering me a fitting room to try it on before I committed to purchasing them.  My hands were full and one of the associates walked over to me asking could she put them in a fitting room for me.  Of course!  Service was definitely on the rebound after my initial feelings.  Combing through the last few racks I satisfied my need to see everything before I made my final decision and made my way to try the pants on.

The fitting room held many surprises and disappointments.  There were three (3) pairs of pants in question and I was really dying for one pair in particular.  I love ankle pants almost as much as paisley and this pair of pantaloons had combined them both in a corduroy fabric.  Perfect for the upcoming fall here in Detroit.  Someone was delusional in the 1970s and it could have been all the drugs, social unrest and politics because these pants were going to swallow me according to the size 10 tag attached.  I wrestled with them on my size 4 hips and thighs only to be upset when I couldn’t zip them to close.  Blasphemy!  There’s no way these are a 10- someone at the J.L. Hudson’s in Detroit had marked these pants wrong.  I hated that I couldn’t have them.  More importantly, I wondered if all the garments would be facing this time warped sizing and I would be out of luck among all of these fabulous clothes.  Two pair of silk pants waited in standby for me to press my luck.  This cream & black embroidered beaded pair felt exquisite on but they lacked the minimal customization I desire when purchasing vintage.  The other pair were golden and pushed me away from my fashion safety zone.  These were definitely going home with me.

Emerging from the fitting area, I requested a few items in the showcase and checked out the tie selection.  You never know when you may run across a great bow tie.  😉  The saleswomen explained to me that this was their 2nd week in business and they were still setting up the space.  I was one of their 1st customers!  That explains a lot of what I observed with regard to the buzzing around they were doing.  Okay!  She apologized for only being able to accept cash at the time and ensured me on my next visit everything would be set up.  We engaged in small talk for a few moments about their offerings and great baklava.  Please with how my experience turned around, I informed them I would be back and offered them well wishes for a good day.  Here are the winners from my shopping.

Silk Floral Pants

As always keep 🙂 !  Especially if you’re saving money! Do you know of any great resale shops?