House Hunting Marti

I’ve always known purchasing a home was in my future.  However, the idea always included a husband. Not one to be deterred due to one piece not being present, I began shopping for a mortgage the beginning of the year.  On my birthday, I was pre-approved for one through Quicken. Feeling under the weather and having some concerns with my in-house realtor, I switched back to a contact from my past, Jenniefer P.  Things have been looking up but this shit certainly isn’t what they showcase on all those HGTV shows.  I’m muhfuckin tied (insert little girl’s voice).

Here are all the properties I have seen. I tell you it was something with every house. Needs too much work, too small or wrong neighborhood.  I narrowed my search down to a specific area and zoned in on all properties available.  Detroit was the only city I was considering. Trust me I saw some good deals in the burbs (this included Highland Park) but my heart wouldn’t let me budge. Some days I would see upwards of 5 properties. There were properties listed but not available, sold already and the occasional the pictures looked better than reality. Thank God for warm days as they allowed me to see how the neighbors reacted to nice weather (my people will totally understand this rationale.)After actively looking for about a month, I found 2 and prepared to place an offer on.

After placing offers and not winning coupled with some frustrating miscommunication from the mortgage banker, I decided to revisit my plan. I had viewed upwards of 15 houses. At this time, I felt I saw all the houses for sale in my designated areas. Being fully self-aware, I knew I needed a break because I began to compromise on my must haves. This is one of those life changing experiences and I’m almost over it.  Of course, I had a deadline for the purchase when I started but it’s becoming more flexible in the coming weeks. There are other areas of my life that need my undivided attention. In the meantime, I’m going to go to this and possibly speak with some other financial institutions about mortgage services.

I’m not filing this as a failure just adjusting my goal to fit the situation. I’ll keep you updated regarding the results of my Detroit search/purchase.


  1. This resonated with me on so many levels. The desire for marriage followed by homeownership + starting a family. At 35 I am still unable accept that things may not happen the way I’ve always dreamed they would. Seeing you share your story so candidly, so beautifully and with sheer grace gives me hope that one day I too can edit my dream. Wishing you lots of luck & patience on your journey to homeownership.

    1. Thank you so much Belle. I certainly understand how the timelines we have for our life can create frustration. Patience is a trait many ambitious people have a hard time dealing with as we look at our lives. Please accept my well wishes to you on all of your hearts desires.

      Thanks for visiting my page!

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