4: Wendy & NYC

Picture it, Detroit the year was 2016 it was Halloween and I was on my way home from getting my tire fixed. My face was covered in makeup and I finally had a chance to check my emails. I’m scrolling and I see a message I’d been looking for the second half of the previous week. The sun was out and I started smiling even harder. Read this!
You got it! I was on my way to the Wendy Williams show. This screenshot is what I sent to my people that were interested in going. We were scheduled to attend the November 11th show. I packed my small bag and prepared to spend some time in NYC after the presidential election of 2016. Sitting in my 1st class seat, I drank orange juice & closed my eyes as I prepared to experience New York for the 1st time. Of course, my hitter, Shawn, was all set to go. We arrived in the Big Apple to some wet conditions but it wasn’t going to dampen our spirits. Grabbing my favorite souvenir in the history of all my travels – my Metro card, we got our directions and were on our way.



We stayed at a little boutique hotel that I will not name because the service was so terrible. I needed to get something for a godforsaken runny nose I was fighting on the flight in and the E-Train. After swiping this magical HSA card, we were off to find food – glorious food. Stumbling into Pad Thai Noodle Lounge. Great food, service, and prices. The little foodies within the both of us were on a roll. We went back to the room and mapped out our plan for the next couple days, then it was time to eat again. I’m going to say this if I had access to this much food all the time, I’d never grocery shop. Six minutes down the street and around the corner took us to Bubby’s near The High Line.

Up the next morning, we got ready to get over to the studio. We scooted around the tight room like two women from Detroit would, complaining about how small everything was in this place. And like always, we turned our frustration into gut busting laughter. The best part about the lodging was its proximity to the train station. It was literally steps away from our door.


Within 7 mins, we were at our stop for the studio. Walking pass the studio we headed to get a warm beverage and something so our stomachs wouldn’t start growling uncontrollably. GiGi Cafe was someplace different and we wanted to try it. Then we headed back to stand in line for the doors to open. While standing in line, we had forms to fill out and we’re given a number. We experienced people from the area and afar wanting to be one of her co-hosts.

After a whole lot of clapping, standing, laughing and smiling. The show was over. I had a great time and we were all given a Joe Thomas cd (don’t worry yourself about checking this out), e-cigar & a beautiful red rose. We walked out of the studio and what do you think we were looking for? I’m sure you guessed – FOOD. We settled for sushi at one of the sushi restaurants near us. However, we managed to pick the one that was undergoing a health inspection while we were there. This quickly changed the dynamic of our experience. I don’t remember what the name was but I’m sure it isn’t going to affect their bottom line. On our way back to the room, we opted to go down to the World Trade Center Memorial. This was a very moving experience. Then we found Century 21, it’s like TJMaxx on The Clear, lol. I was slowly but surely falling for this place.

After a quick ride back to 14th street, we changed to go have dinner at The Meatball Shop.

The next day, we headed to Time Square and walked on the outside of Central Park.  We tried to get in the Carnegie Delicatessen.  As you can see from the picture, there was absolutely no getting into this historic site scheduled to close at year end.  A pizza stop gave us a little energy for our trip back to the room.  Enjoying the sunshine and the hustle of the people was breathing life into me.  There wasn’t a need for a heavy coat with all the walking one is required to do in this environment.

We got back to the room and I got my coat for our journey into Brooklyn. Why did I need to go to Brooklyn? It was NY’s version of Detroit. It’s the hot place to be. Not to mention the bus driver asked us, “where we were from?” We replied with undeniable pride saying ‘Detroit!’ He continues with the following statement, “have you ever heard of Brooklyn, that’s a pretty bad neighborhood but there is one place that’s worse than Brooklyn. DETROIT.” Of course, we know the ills of our land. So we had to see what the hell he was talking about. Shockingly as I walked those Brooklyn streets, I felt at home.  The energy was the same.  You could go from really pretty to wtf within a block or two. This wasn’t home but I definitely got comfortable even adventurous in the evening lights of a place viewed as dangerous.

While here we enjoyed the hipster atmosphere of The Mayfield. The drinks were delicious but I wasn’t trying to get sauced in a strange land.  I don’t care how comfortable I’d become. For the 1st time, I tried raw oysters and liked them (well if you put a little hot sauce on them.)  It was Friday night and I had the fish and chips.

Saturday morning I was on my way to say “Hello Detroit!” Hell, I had a football game to attend. It was only a few short days but I had a great time. I’ll be sure to get back.  It lacks the space a Detroiter is accustomed to but all that food was a dream come true.  I’m sure this type of environment is in the near future of my hometown.

I DVRd the Wendy episode and caught a few snaps of myself on national television. Now, if I could figure out what I was focused on that had my face frowned up like this…. Anyhow, NY gets a big thumbs up in my book.

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