7: A Royal Concert Court

I love music and live music is euphoria to me.  It had been a while since I had been to a concert.  You all know I get out to the Jazz Fest every year but I mean a real purchase my tickets show – not since the OTR show.  This wasn’t going to be my fate in 2016.  The way the year was shaping up, I better get out and see my favorites before I get a breaking news notification on my phone. RIP Prince. I didn’t get to all the shows but I saw a few.

It all started with Foreign Exchange.  After a change in plans, I ended up going to this show alone.  Needless to say, I always know somebody when I’m out but I truly enjoyed myself and will check them out again in the future.

The Queen announced her tour after Lemonade dropped and I had my coins together to purchase my tickets.  As I sat at my desk in some serious password detective work with Wait Wait Whut, we finally got through and got my tickets.  I didn’t know who I was going with but I had 2 seats at Ford Field in Detroit.  I had never witnessed Beyonce perform a solo concert.  She was amazing!  I sang along with my favorite songs old and new.  This was a perfect way to start the summer.

In Detroit, we have this thing called River Days and it filled with family fun and music. We’re a music town (only second to being a car town.) I had to see one of the greatest performers and bands of my life on the schedule. This year I saw Mint Condition and Jeffery Osborne. Would you believe it started raining? Not a big deal for me, I have the hook up to the VIP tent and was shielded from the elements. It was truly an enjoyable evening.

The Jazz Fest allowed me to witness a portion of greatness through the lips of Roy Hargrove.  He was accompanied by the DSO Strings section to play selection from his album Moment to Moment. It was a beautiful set filled with memories and classics such as You Go To My Head and I’m Glad There Is You.  There was a quiet murmur in the Carhartt Amphitheater with regard to the performer’s current drug use.  I tuned that out and listened to the familiar sounds of the strings and the trumpet.  He was the highlight of my Labor Day weekend and I saw both shows.

The final show came after listening to The Heart Speaks In Whispers album by Corrine Bailey Rae multiple times and deciding I needed to see her live.  The again, I sang along to the tunes and swayed my narrow hips and newfound weight.  Yes, I traveled to St.Louis to see her but it was well worth it.

I’m ready for 2017 and all the music it’ll bring my way.  The start may be my birthday weekend there are some pretty big names on the calendar.


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