Beau Miss Tune: Pink+White

I’ve been waiting on Frank Ocean like a little kid on the porch counting the minutes until their parent comes to pick them up from grandma’s house.  His music is unexpected and captures some foreign emotion that pulls at me.  I’ll give an artist a substantial amount of time to get their creative juices flowing to put out a good project.  After that amount of time has passed, I start looking for them even harder.  Check out some of the tweets I published in search of Mr. Ocean.

So, you already know how excited I was about the new music released last week.  This album has been on repeat, repeat 1 song, shuffle and let’s go back to Blond again.  I just wanted to share my most played song.

I removed the link due to copyright.

Are you enjoying Blond?  If not, I’ll give you a while to jump on the bandwagon or take a long hard listen to another great body of work from the elusive Frank.

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