Oprah Says: Schools Are Important 

Over the pass month, I have dedicated my voice to the national cause of the Detroit Public Schools condition.  This Is An Emergency was my official response to concerns I have been discussing amongst friends for months.  These children are being denied the resources to succeed in a world that openly acknowledges the more education you have the better off you will be in the future.

This Oprah quote is important in so many levels.  Being a product of public education within an inner city, I know the struggles of children to see a positive example of successful in your family/neighborhood.  My mother was an accountant.  She was the only person I knew that worked a corporate job.  Everyone else was either always looking for work, selling drugs or working a job I could never see myself holding in the future.

It was in school that many students found the other options in life.  Here is a list of careers I considered through school:

  • Mortician 
  • Veterinarian 
  • Engineer
  • Dentist
  • Mayor of Detroit
  • In there somewhere I wanted to be a race car driver and was told upfront by my mom “that’s not going to happen” lol

They find out the importance of higher education.  There are so many things going on in our family structures and neighborhoods that can deter/discourage a person from believing in something better than their present state.  This is the beauty of school.  It provides you with a looking glass into the land of possibility. 
When schools are unable to stimulate the minds pass their current situation it has failed. I was fortunate to have my mother as an example.  However, too many inner city kids don’t have those options and that’s why schools have to step in to show them the way to success.  We need to get our inner city institutions back to a place where they can inspire those that lack inspiration from the immediate world they see around them and prepare them for success adequately.

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