Health Apprise

I promised you all that I would be back with any update on my health concerns.  I’m still feeling fine.  I haven’t had any additional episodes.  The quest for answers continues but I’m being more optimistic about the outcome.  However, something else has come up but we’ll get into those details as the post goes forward.

So, I finally received an appointment to see the doctor for a follow up visit after making several trips up to the office to present the discharge papers.  After informing her about my specific episode, she gave me her thoughts on the idea of me having experienced a TIA.  According to Dr. Poleck, this was a reaction to the medication I was prescribed the month prior.  This was given to me to increase my appetite because once again, I wasn’t eating properly.  While taking the meds (pictured below), I wasn’t feeling the greatest.  This news from my doctor was a serious relief.  I didn’t like feeling something was going on with me that I could not explain.  The doctor ordered, I continue with the exams suggested through the ER doctor to insure everything was okay.  I’ll follow up with her after I have completed my MRI this upcoming Friday.

While dealing with Thing 1, Thing 2 arrives to give me more grief.  Never in my life has my monthly cycle been irregular.  So by the 5th day, I was concerned.  On day 8, I was frustrated and on the 11th day I was scared and in major pain.  A quick ride back to my local emergency room was in order.  This was a bit of a nuisance to me because I just received the $2,000 bill for the last visit.  Moreover, I had to go and get answers to what was going on with my body. A bag of sodium chloride, intravenous pain medications, pelvic ultrasounds and vaginal examine later, I was diagnosed with fibroid tumors.  News to me because I was under the knowledge that I only had one.more-on-fibroids

Talk about a blow to my optimism.  They began talking about removal and other treatment that I couldn’t start because I was still under care for the TIA.  I wanted this all to be over as quickly as possible. (And my best friend Google was not helping me with all the information and images.)  Now, I have another set of follow up instructions and doctor referrals.  A new script for pain medicine was given but I’m completely afraid of those types of pills.  Due to a lightweight dependency on post delivery pharmaceuticals.  I didn’t take them but I was ready for this to be over.  Fourteen days after the beginning, it was over and I was anxious about what was next to come in my life.

A friend of mine referred me to an OB/GYN that I should visit to discuss what we’re going to do about Thing 2.  I’ll have that appointment next Monday.  This certainly wasn’t the way I planned to start the new year but it’s my reality.  As I get ready to celebrate my birthday, I’m thankful for the new found knowledge I have regarding my health.

~ If you are having any medical concerns or do not feel like something is right, please seek medical attention immediately. ~

Keep smiling because I haven’t stopped even on my hardest day. 🙂


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