1, 2, 3, FOUR


Oh yeah, it’s here the fourth year of this diary, journal or record of my life including almost everything without being boring.  I truly love each person that has visited this site from 90 countries around the world.  The year 2015 featured as many accomplishments as pitfalls but you all kept coming back for more.  As you all learn more about me and the inner working of my life, I have learned from you as well.  This Blogiversary is centered around you.

So here’s what I’ve learned.  You all like when I talk/write about my relationship.  It’s not perfect but I think you all like that I’m not making it out to be that way.  We have challenges and I share my feelings with you about them. You all love this and that which include our story. One day, I may give the low down on how we met.  It’s a real humdinger!

We all could use a little motivation and I don’t know if I pick the right quotes or you all are just being nice.  The “Oprah Says” series is always a hit.  Over the last 3 months of 2015, I didn’t post one because all of the quotes were in my old phone.  What a bummer!!  Did you know that I post those on my birth date the 27 of every month.  The extra push you need to complete the current month and charge into the next.

I need to do more of the DIY and Quick Meal posts.  Most of the time, I plan on it but before I know it, the meal is almost done.  I’m not a big cooker so it has to be something I can put together faster than fast.  I’m not into prepping and spending hours in the kitchen. Now, a DIY project, I’m all for it.  I get creative and spend hours on creating my perfection.  In recent months I’ve been crocheting. Are you all interested in learning this?

You might see more of your favorite type of posts here on Beautifully Misunderstood in the coming months.  Once again, I thank you for tuning in to the roller coaster ride called My Life.  One of the best rides in all the world because you’re here.






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