1: An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

It all began with a call regarding my usage of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.  After 2 years, 8 months and 17 days, I transitioned into my newest position within the corporation.  The 1st few weeks have been filled with learning and getting more familiar with the individuals I support.  I am truly happy with this career move and looking forward to it exposing me to different areas of the business I’d like to learn more about for the future.


It really wasn’t a sad day when I left the SoMe team for my new placement, I’m literally around the corner from them.  That was cool for me because I didn’t have to learn a new space or faces.  After getting settled into my work station, I jumped right into the job.  Trust me it seems easy from the outside but it’s real work being in charge or three director calendars.  They all have been very helpful in teaching me new things and rules to adhere to in the organization.  Every day I think to myself, let me learn something new that will help me succeed within this position.  True to form, my prayers are answered.

So far I’m enjoying this opportunity and will keep you posted if anything changes.  How many of you knew this was going to be number 1?



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