7: SBHG New Products


People always seem to think that Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments are only for women with natural hair.  This is so far from the truth.  The mission of our company is to protect hair from the unforeseen damages.  People that wear extensions didn’t feel we were including them in our offerings.  I created something especially for them.

Back in my hay day, I use to wear weave on a regular basis.  Within the last 2 years I invested in virgin hair extensions from Same Girl Different Hair.  I used my SBHG bonnet to cover it at night and slept on my satin pillowcase.  Then I removed the hair and placed it in a zip-lock bag.  Wait a minute, this couldn’t be my reality.  I looked for other ways to store it to preserve the wefts over time.  I found some bags but they were upwards of $10 and that was before the shipping.  Once again, I decided to create something on my own and the bundle bag was born.

The same satin and silk they have been instructing us to use on our hair would be utilized to store it.  Over the year, this has become my most requested item by retailers.  They feature great designs/patterns, closure options and protection against the hair drying out.  This product is small but it created an idea of inclusion to my followers and customers that felt left out.


In the new year, I may consider outsourcing this to keep a supply on hand and launch our website.  If you know of a friend that may be interested in this or any SBHG products, feel free to email us at sleepingbeautyhairgarments@gmail.com.

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