8: White Sage Newbie

As a child, I watched my mother become overwhelmed with the things the “reader” told her once a month or every other month.  I remember the notes she would write down and sitting in this woman’s home for what seemed like hours.  There was a specific time in my childhood when my mother kept a bowl of water underneath our beds to keep the bad spirits away from us.  I vowed to never get caught up in this type of thing in my adult life.  However, while enjoying some quality time with a friend I was personally introduced to something that I know will become a staple in my life.

Disclaimer: The way in which you practice your beliefs is not up for debate and neither are mine.

I was feeling a little down and per normal my friends don’t allow me to feel that way for too long.  On this day it was Eva’s turn to get my mind off of things.  On a gloomy Saturday afternoon, she came and picked me up and we adventured into the new shops littering the interior of Detroit.  She even got me to eat at Detroit Vegan Soul!  I had the smothered tempeh.  Don’t ask me what it is exactly because I kept calling it meatloaf and if I ever go back which I will because I like it – I’ll be having the same thing.  While we were talking and the rain began to come down, she told me about the Tarot & Tea place next door.  All I could think about was the way my mother would hang on the words of the “reader” and I said I would not be doing that.  This is what I love most about Eva – she understands when you say no and that’s pretty much it. Done deal!  As we were leaving the restaurant she says, “let me go in here and get you some white sage!”  Okay!  I’m thinking I just hang it up on the door or something.  We go inside the shop and it’s very pretty. Not like the “reader’s” home.  It was calming in there. Crystals, books and herbs aligned the shelves and I was caught up in a quartz that was so beautiful.  This was a distraction to keep me from making any real eye contact with the “readers.”  Eva made her purchase and we walked out to the car.


She explained that I was suppose to use this to clear out the negative energy in my home.  All I needed to do was burn/smoke the herb and walk through my clean house with a few windows open. (It’s so warm in my place there’s always a window or two open.)  While I was doing this, I am required to pray for God to remove the negativity.  I’ll be honest it sounded like a little voodoo until she said I could say a prayer.

A couple weeks went by and I hadn’t performed the cleanse.  Then one Sunday I couldn’t stand it.  I needed to get this negative energy out of my life.  I woke up, cleaned up thoroughly and started the process.  The details of the prayer focused on bringing peace and removing the negativity from our home.  I felt a certain positive energy soon after.  I began feeling a great pull of bad over the pass few weeks and decided to do it again. What do you know, I felt lighter again.  Itsasifasthough (that’s an inside joke between Shawn and I but I’ll share it with you- just read it like you see it) I’ve laid my burdens down by the river side.  I really can’t explain it but that’s how I feel.  Here’s a little video to explain it a little bit better than I did if you’re more interested:

After the follow up, I’ve offered this treatment to my people because of the way it makes me feel.  It may be the white sage or it could be the intense prayer I offer up for peace.  Either way – I’m a newbie to the white sage ritual and I’m positive this will be in my life forever.

Have you ever tried this or something of the sorts?

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