9: Bye Cole

I never thought this day would come.  We have been through so much together.  Three moves, countless football practices, tackling the occasional road trip and numerous miles all under the required sunroof.  This past year showed me it was time for us to part ways.  I don’t want to let go but it’s better for Cole and I to part on good terms.  He has been the constant in my life over the last 5+ years.

Cole is a Dodge Magnum and probably the most favorite car I’ve ever owned.  In 2010, I purchased this car in a huff to get me back on the road.  I was sold once I saw the leather and sunroof.  Every magnum I had seen to this point only had cloth and NEVER a sunroof.  I figured this one had to be for me.  We’ve had no major issues and it proved to be more help as a hauler than just a car.  When I let the seats down in the back – I can fit 2 full size bicycles, 6 medium moving boxes, 10ft beam and tons of groceries.  I wasn’t suppose to like this “station wagon”.  Sedans are my thing.  Grown up cars cool enough to pick the kid up and smooth enough to go to the opera.  This car just grew on me and I loved it every time I just looked at it.  So I’m sure you could imagine how hard this decision is for me.

My BF Cole

Earlier this year, I was told the front end of the vehicle needed to be replaced.  I repaired some of the items to secure my transportation for a while.  Then the dust shield installed during the manufacturing of this fine automobile was rattling and I had to get that removed.  I felt the vehicle could use a break from all of my driving, so I started to catch the bus to work.  One particular day, I was ready to go to work and the car wouldn’t start.  I couldn’t figure out what may be wrong.  I went the entire weekend without driving it and what do you know – it starts on Sunday night.  Let me not mention that my blinkers and wipers do not work.  Something happened and they have not been on most of the year.  After a rainy day, I get in the car and notice a leak in the rear passenger area.  Believe me – I’m not making these things up.  I would like to keep this vehicle while I get some other things in order financially.  However, in Michigan of course you need your vehicle to be reliable in reaction to the elements and other human factors when you’re out on the road.

So after I got the new job and it requires a little travel, I don’t want to keep pressing my luck with my dear friend here.  I thought about this long and hard.  A lease vehicle is in my near future.  I’ve narrowed it down to a few.  Here they are:

MidnightCTS LaCrosse

It’s taken a lot of thought but we have come to the end of the road together.  The beauty of this decision is that I am not going to lose him.  He’ll transition into my fun/work car.  He’s not DOA but more like early retirement.  This definitely is a tough pill to swallow for me.  Which vehicle are you pulling for?


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