10: Slow Roll Member

What would my spring, summer and fall be without the Slow Roll?  This past year I found out.  It was almost out of my control.  I missed it terribly and only got out for a few times this year.  However, I did purchase a membership.

The notice came prior to the season starting that all participants needed to purchase a membership to ride in 2015.  I bought my membership and was eager to ride.  The Mondays came and went, I just wasn’t riding with the tours.  Between nurturing a relationship and being overwhelmed with the size of the crowd, I was NOT participating.  I wanted to be there but I couldn’t escape my frustration with some of the horrible music choices, sporadic weed smokers and occasional under prepared children.  My first ride of the season didn’t happen until mid June with some co-workers.


I went out again a few weeks later and ran into a few familiar faces.  It’s nothing against the event.  I miss sharing this with my people as a group.  Generally I do things on my own because I don’t want others to stop me but I’ve come to a place where I’d like to share the experiences of my life.  This is a new revelation for me as well.  This is still a must-do in Detroit if you visit during the season.  Maybe I’ll be out a little more next year but I’ll always be a member.



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