My Fall Fashion Five ( FF5 )

According to my post, The Pledge of 2015, everything is moving as planned there is only one that slipping away. Moreover, I have time to correct that one.  In the mean while, we must begin embracing this fall weather that is upon us.  This is not my favorite season but it ushers in the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”  I’m getting excited just thinking about it.  Let me not get ahead of myself.  Here are the essential items I have tracked down for MY wardrobe.

I’ve been sitting here all summer looking for one of these hats in prep for the cooler months.  In a last-ditch effort to secure one before they are all gone, I found one that meet my specifications.  There is still a need for one of the featuring the floppy brim, but we’ll handle one chapeau at a time.  This whole finishing the look thing is starting to grow on me.  Hats are always a good move for me – great for semi-bad hair days.

ASOS Matador Felt Hat

Wide leg trousers have been a love of mine for years.  I know this isn’t the ideal garment for a small frame woman.  Yeah yeah yeah – I still like ’em.  If you know where I could snag a cool pair, let me know.  This image is strictly for reference.  They need to be above the naval and wide.  I see the look in my head and can’t wait to hit these crazy Detroit streets in them.

High Waist Crepe Wide Leg Trousers

Something tells me in my heart of hearts that I’ve had a cape and really didn’t know what it was until it was gone.  Hell, I don’t even remember it.  THIS as my cousin would say is as good as GOT.  This piece screams personality, sophistication and undeniable style – don’t that sound like me.  I like the idea of the black but if I discover an ecru or camel colored one.  Lord, please still my heart every time I want to wear it.


The is no fall, spring, winter or summer for that matter that doesn’t require Timbs.  It’s beyond a cultural thing.  These are the new Air Force 1s.  They can turn any look on its head and change the game up.  Try a nice floral dress featuring beautiful makeup or distressed denim accompanied by the infamous white tank and these hoofers.  I don’t know about you but I like the sound of it.  I ruined my last and a new pair is an obligation.  It’s that unexpected piece in any woman’s wardrobe, that isn’t working in manufacturing or construction.


The 90s was a great time!  Baggy clothes, plaid and dark lip liner.  Who could forget the golden age?  NOBODY!  I remember owning a hunter green bodysuit that displayed my lady lumps perfectly.  Well, they’re back and I’m jumping back on the saddle.  The designs are fresh and the curves of my womanhood fit perfectly in place.  Being more confident in my body and skin is going to make for a better experience in 2015 and beyond.


Your list might be different and mine might grow some more.  That doesn’t change the fact that I need to pick these couple of garments up to add to my collection.  Whatever you do within the last few months of the year, make sure it’s Beau Miss


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