Day Shift Perks

It’s a job in itself working in my building.  There’s the 10 minute walk through a hamster tunnel/ skywalk and 2 security check points before you even get to your desk.  This generally causes me to stay on the floor until it’s time for me to go.  A few days ago, I decided to do something different- go outside for lunch.  Completely appreciative of the experience I wanted to share it with you.

Campus Martius

My co-worker decided to take advantage of the last days of summer and our hour lunch by going out to discover food.  I’m a sucker for something delicious and nutritious!  As we were walking down Brush, we couldn’t quit figure out where to go.  In haste we decided to go see what was happening at Campus Martius.  What we found was good and worth the 15 mins sliced from our final deadline.  There were food trucks and ample seating to enjoy the afternoon.

Woodward Fountain

After some quick investigative work, I decided on the brisket sandwich from Smokehouse which came with coleslaw.  I really don’t eat anyone’s slaw but my mother’s.  (Apologies for not taking a picture of it for you, I really didn’t know a post would manifest from the 45 min excursion.)  She chose the gyro and lemonade.

BBQ Food Truck

We were served a found seating by the fountain and Detroit Beach.  Other than the bees and birds frisking me out beyond frustration, it was a beautiful way to escape the concrete and glass building we reside in for work purposes.

They said they’ll be out there for the rest of the month.  I have to sneak back over another day to steal another moment.  This is certainly a must do in Detroit.  🙂

A Beautiful Day

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