A Garden Deferred

I started this garden project at my church over 2.5 years ago.  It was to beautify the grounds and memorialize the preceding head of the True Love Missionary Baptist Church, Herbert B. Robinson Sr.  We’ve had multiple conversations, ideas passed through the notes and messages with the inclusion of walks in the space.  All of this to report back to you, it’s still a work in process.  This Spring/Summer, we were able to plant a few new additions.  Wait a minute, did I ever tell you they planted a few things?  I guess I better tell you about that first.

After digging through the archive and found five posts that will bring you up to date on the project.  So this year everyone wanted to know what happened to the garden project.  I have to admit. I had become frustrated with the whole thing and will take my portion of the blame.  My attendance hasn’t been the greatest as of lately.  There are days when, I get caught up in my make up, I stay up too late the night before when I get off of work or I’m having a time getting myself together beyond the closet.  So before you know it, I’m later than expected.  Then when you throw the idea that Sunday is my first day off from work and this may encourage an unwavering desire to rest.  I have to get better about my prep and readiness for church.  let me get back on topic!  It has been one failed contact to another.  Then my mother and her friend Sis. Mosley spearheaded the investigation for 2015 planting.

I’m not going to bash my church home but it takes forever to do anything when you’re not in the face of the purse holders on a weekly basis.  So when I was contacted to plant some flowers in the garden, I was shocked.  Then they told me what the budget was and what the pastor would like to see in the bed.  This information brought me right back to earth.  It was going to take even longer if we are going to do things this way.  We had a date and had to switch it due to the holiday and that threw my entire schedule off.  To my surprise the wall we were waiting for them to paint was painted and has begun to peel again – more frustrated because we all know what happened.  We got it done and plans on increasing the plant life in the space.  That was so long ago and we still haven’t completed the prepared flower bed as planned.  Here are some photos of our work.

The pastor is very direct in telling me “not to lose patience and be encouraged.”  It’s just hard when you want something so bad and it’s taking so long and there is really nothing you can do about it.  Let’s just bow our heads in prayer.  I still have 5 years to complete it within my seven year expiration on projects.  🙂

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