A Slight Addiction 

Addition is a serious situation.  It doesn’t always come in the form of illegal or legal drugs, gambling, sex or video games.  The definition is as follows: a state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences.  I have an addiction.

Mine consists of lace, elastic, soft fabrics and maybe only a handful of people see besides me.  My strange addiction is Victoria’s Secret.  I’ve confessed this to you before.  Remember? (in my Drake voice). This can’t be hurting me – right? You’re correct to a point.


Once a month I receive a catalogue filled with all the things I love about women’s undergarments. I fold pages, mark things off and strategize how I’m going to purchase my shopping cart in a timely fashion.  Every month, except during the semi-annual sale, I receive a postcard containing coupons to save on my purchases of bras.  Let’s not even throw in whatever that promotional gift is albeit a bag, towel or umbrella.  I like feeling good under my clothes, the way this man looks at me when I undress and having a beautiful selection of panties and bras.  Let’s do a small math problem. $75 x 10 =$750 then multiply this by 3 equals $2250.  This is roughly the amount of money I’ve spent in the time we’ve known each other.

There are some things going on in my life that require more of my finances.  I’d like to go back to school and I DO NOT want to acquire any more debt.  My car has been giving me trouble over the last couple months and the inevitable is about to occur.  The financial strain of a 16-year-old young man attacking your groceries daily has produced a new expense.  Let’s not even mention the responsibilities of a football parent.  These are the biggest factors effecting my pocketbook.  My lifestyle has changed for the better but in order to complete some items on my to do list. We need to hold on to a few more coins.

While having a conversation with “beau,” I was told I spend too much money on my Victoria’s Secret addiction.  I was insulted as he sat there saying I had more than enough.  So I counted and realized, I can go six full weeks without wearing a matching set more than once.  Was he right?  No!  Then I visited my newest favorite location within the Oakland Mall in Troy, MI to purchase some new additions.  Guess what happened – new bra size for little Ms. Understood. Is that a reason to stop indulging?  No!  What would make me reconsider my spending?  This!

The Wash

This image says more than you think.  I have spent $130 to store these garments properly.  They literally take up an entire washing machine on wash day and that costs me $3 per load.  That’s to wash and dry if I don’t hang them up to dry.  My addiction is truly costing me.  However, I have come up with a plan to save a little cash and still feel sexy every chance I get.  Just buy them every other month as a treat for myself as I work on disciplining myself financially.

It took me a while to recover from the “Unmentionable” caper.  I had to admit that I have and grew my collection.  The option of using another company but I’m loyal to VS.  It may not be big to you but it’s on the verge of everything to me.

Have you had to let some things go or modify your life for financial purposes? What were your reasons?


  1. I can relate! My addiction was books and bags. I would buy hundreds of dollars worth of books at a time. Same with purses. Because you don’t know when you are going to need that perfect purse until the moment you need it. Right? So better be prepared! LOL. I didn’t truly get it under control until I purchased a house. I shopped from time to time but not as much. Now I’ve shifted to clothes for my daughter. Hubbie should be telling me to settle down any minute now…

    1. Lol @ Hubbie expectations!!! I curbed my book addiction to a sale we have in Detroit at the library and all the hardcovers are $1. I’m thinking of purchasing a home myself before gentrification squeezes me out of my home town.

      1. Please do purchase while you can. I deeply regret not buying in Harlem when I had the chance. Good luck!

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