Seriously, This Is The Last Time

I had a couple of posts last year about painting.  My painting days here were over.  This was under the assumption that I had completed this apartment to my liking and instructed my right-hand guy to dispose of the pigments.  In a moment during the spring cleaning, I discovered both colors under the sink.  In true Beau Miss style, I’m sure you know what happened next. 🙂
Within the next few weeks I scouted out areas in my temporary residence that needed a little life “off the wall.”  Of course I found the project I needed.  The dining room was screaming for a little attention. I had scored these white square frames from IKEA for $5 a piece.  They stored memories of one of my favorite events in Detroit, The Jazz Festival.  I generally pick up a poster at the fest to keep.  They turned out great after I cut them down to fit.  The dining room didn’t lack any visual interest.  All the walls are dedicated to my non judgmental best friend – music.  However, I had a grand vision for the space and some left over paint.  Take a look at what happened.

I truly love this look and was inspired to paint another area that was really perfectly fine.  The bathroom wasn’t bothering anyone but I had a half can of my favorite blue.  In the blink of an eye, I was on that wall with no abandon.  I like how it turned out but I have to build the decor up around it now!  (That totally wasn’t in the plan.)


These projects were completed during the Memorial Day weekend.  Following these projects I threw the cans into the trash never to return.  In a small space such as this that doesn’t offer me any outdoor space via my apartment, I’m always looking for ways that display my personality.  I grew up in a home where we always looked for things to do around the house.  It’s in my nature to personalize any space I live in.  During the next couple weeks some things will happen to make these urges more permanent.  The clock is ticking!
What changes if any did you make in your home with the change of the season?  Don’t fret my pet, I held on to the painter’s tape just in cast I’m inspired again. 😉

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