Blueprint 3.5

I apologize for the tardiness of this post.  There was a little anxiety surrounding this one.  I’ve done it all: travel, party, club and dinners.  This year I wanted to do something different.  I celebrated my 35th year on this planet.  The inquires were coming in and all I wanted was to be thankful that I was here.


The plan went as follows – dinner at the amazing 24 Grille for my favorite food – salmon.  Yes, I know I went there last year and a few other times in the year, lol!  Hair would  be in it’s natural state and I would push the envelope to wear something I had in my closet.  This wasn’t even going to happen on the day of my birth.  During the evening, a hypnotic selection of music played through the sound system, which felt like it was just for me.  I later found out it was The Foreign Exchange Pandora Station.  We talked, laughed, drank and ate multiple times after a routine visit to Sweetwater Tavern.  To much avail I drank all and drove home to the sounds of the R. cd from the 90s.  Talk about a good time.



Monday came and everyone wanted to know “What are you doing?”  What they didn’t know was I had a plan for something special and unexpected.  It was going to be explosive.  With my main guy in tow we headed to Phantom Fireworks in Livonia, MI.  I had the store all to myself and we bought exactly more of what I wanted.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015, my greetings were coming in non stop.  Calls, texts and post on every social media platform warmed my hear all day long.  After dinner and a nap, my guy walked me to the Detroit River and we had our own fireworks show.  It was a pure spectacle – one I thoroughly enjoyed.  On the walk back home, we encountered a woman screaming. “Do y’all know where that big boom came from?”  Uh no!  This will be my new tradition from now until.

Due to the milestone of this year, I have decided to celebrate every month on the 27th.  Some people have stretched their celebrating to the entire month of birth.  Who could possibly challenge me for celebrating all year?  All major events will be attended dressed in blue (my favorite color).  I’ve taken this opportunity to also switch up the image of my blog in direct relation to my Blueprint year.  I’ll keep you updated on all the festivities.  This is my fourth birthday we have shared together.  I know it won’t be the last.

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