The Pledge of 2015

The season is still high for people to declare their New Year’s resolutions.  I’ve told you about my feelings on all that jazz.  You all know I prefer the idea of planning.  My office area is set for successful documentation of these things.  While going through some of the blogs I follow, I made my way to Tall Glass of Style.  I found a bit of inspiration on her style resolutions post.  The piece spoke to me because i’m a tomboy at heart.  There are times when I get involved with the very feminine activities of daily life.  On the general side of things I’m more of a wash & go kinda girl.  So here are my plans and so far in the new year – I‘m doing good.

My 2015 Beau Miss Plan

1. Do Laundry More Frequently

I have more clothes that allowed.  However, I tend to run through everything then struggle to pull my look together or buy more of the same item.  Something that I want to wear is always in the hamper.  This would result in me having shorter laundromat visits.

2.  Get Ready Get Ready Get Reeeeeaaaady

I’m kind of an early bird.  After the school run, I’m up until I take a nap.  It would be beneficial if I just got my clothes together then. This means all the way down to the undergarments.  That’s usually where I waste a lot of time. 

3.  A lil Definition

I love make up but you wouldn’t know it by the way I come out most days. A simple wiggle of the mascara, fluff of blush and lip color can go a long way.  I want to be as ready and prepared to present myself daily.

4.  Closet Queen

My clothes are in several areas of my home.  IKEA will be seeing a few more of my dollars to create a more effective flow for selection of my looks.  This space will require me to become more savvy with my storage choices.

5.  Not A Sneakerhead

I don’t have multiple pairs of gym shoes.  It’s not because I don’t like them.  The reason is more about me buying out of necessity.  This year I plan to incorporate more athletic wear into my wardrobe.

6.  Protect Ya Face

We all know that black don’t crack! I want to make sure it doesn’t lose it’s glow, firmness or gain any problem areas.  I’m taking better care of my face and skin through proper moisture, hydration and cleansing.  Night creams are my thing, right now.

7.  The Classics

Through my Pinterest-ing , I’ve discovered several list that inform you on the classic garments you need in your closet.  Work must be completed on my must haves.

8.  You Can Do It

Seriously considering constructing an article of clothing from a pattern.  I dabble in altering my clothes.  Making them may be a whole new world for me but I’ll keep you informed.  Between my love for Beaute’ J’adore and MiMi Styles – I can’t take it anymore!

9.  Dress My Age

Pay more attention to the garments I purchase.  Age appropriateness is key for me right now. I know I look good for my age but there is NO reason to dress the same way I did decades ago. For Pete’s sake I have a 15 year old kid.

10.  Keep wearing What I Feel

For the most part, what I wear is a reflection of my attitude for the day.  This is the driving force behind everything I put on and there’s no reason to change this EVER.

Do you have any fashion or maintenance plans for the new year?

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