1: We Usta Live Uptown

There was a time when it was beneficial for me to stay close to that 8 Mile Road. Everything was at my disposal. Food, shopping and peace from the liveliness birthed in inner city neighborhoods. It was my great escape from everything I grew up around but I never lived in it. Moreover, the time had come for me to depart from my comfort zone.

So I packed my family and feelings up and moved into the downtown Detroit area. You’ve seen the Beau Miss Home, DIY and painting posts during the second half of the year. This has truly been a blessing for everyone involved. Most importantly – my peace of mind. My daily commute and time in the car has reduced by at least an hour. The job and his school are in close proximity which reduces my fuel expense. This was a great load off my shoulders and wallet.


Moving into our new home definitely began the number one event for us all this year. Be on the lookout for a full tour very soon. I certainly foresee us being here until he graduates high school. However, LIFE always has a way of making other arrangements, lol.

Let’s get ready for tonight and a new year! Here’s to a Beautifully Understood 2014.

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