4: THIM Chick

I’m certainly glad to tell you that I’m healthier than ever. The struggles I was having earlier this year were scary. I started taking better care of myself and managing my stress. The things I learned in 2014 are going to sustain me in my lifestyle changes. You can call me a THIM – thick & slim chick, lol! Here’s a briefing of my discovery.

I finally gained those pounds back that I misplaced for 5 months. The reason behind the weight loss were improper eating, stress and undiagnosed depression. After contacting Dr. Google, I acknowledged the symptoms I was experiencing were similar to those being treated for depression. Now, I had to get to the root of the problem to resolve this in myself. I figured out what it was and then started stressing about how I was going to make the necessary changes.


By the time I went to my friends wedding in Dallas, I had been to the doctor for a thorough examination. They had checked for everything. The only negative recognized was my malnutritioned blood. With this news, I decided to take control of my life again. I began eating again, with the orders from the doctor to return to the gym I went hard and began drinking water more. I even went a couple months only drinking water. I’ll return to this after while. The stress was the next thing.

It was coming from several different places. My son wasn’t displaying the best scholastic practices, there was a constant requirement from outside individuals for monetary assistance and I needed to prepare to move. One by one, I start letting these things have my best fight and by the middle of the year, I was winning.

Reading, moving and being quiet saved me from my mind racing. I haven’t been in the gym since October, long story but I’ve still been doing a few at home workouts. I’ll be back – my membership is still good. The depression was brought on by my financial obligations. I felt like I wasn’t getting ahead. These issues have been resolved.

Beautifully Misunderstood is better than ever and still on the happiness journey with a few extra pounds and better legs! 🙂

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