5: OTR: On The Rail & Road

The one day experiences I had on two occasions this year were much needed and enjoyed. First, it was a birthday celebration and quick getaway from everything that was Detroit except our personalities. The flash road trip to see The Carters in their Toronto show. This opened a new door for me that I was willing to frequent more often in the future.




Even as tired as I was, I had a nice time. The Amtrak train ride was restful. I definitely see racking up a few more miles on my card very soon. Checked out a few things in some non- Metro Detroit retailers. After our quick change, I had the bread of The Lord. I haven’t had bread from another restaurant since that day and I probably won’t until I have it again. Somebody made mention of another run out there and I’m game. Within six weeks I was due to be back on the run. This time on the road.

You know I made it to that OTR tour and I have never had so much fun at a concert in my life. It was worth everything I went through to get there. Switching days at work, driving four hours on international roads and listening to the GPS send us in circles. This was an experience. Need I say more than your average concert. I had seen Jay Z before but I certainly found out the power of Beyoncé.


I have to chart some new territory but these little day trips could be a go. If you know of any nice destinations in the Midwest area, leave a comment and I’ll make a plan.

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