8: Prodigal Son

The word prodigal means wasteful – particularly with regard to money. In these days and time, more than money I care about the education of my son. In a previous post, I explained the measures that were taken to remedy the matter.

The 1st report card showed minimal improvement. I had about had enough and was ready to throw my hands up. Screaming and shouting into the ungodly hours if the morning provided the instant release I wanted. What I needed required a more concentrated approach. I needed to talk with him.


We talked and he told me what the problem was. His teachers have communicated the recent improvements. I have to remain vigilant in my review of his work load. I was in high school before and I’m not ready to throw my hands up with him. It’s time for me to fight even harder. For all the known and unknown reasons. More than anything else – because he is my son. Any encouragement or tips you may have is greatly appreciated. I have two more years to create a certified non statistical young black man within the city of Detroit.

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