10: Social Media Shutdown

You could call me a late bloomer when it came to the social media craze. I never was on Black Planet or MySpace. Facebook was the 1st vehicle I drove and that began in 2009. This was solely to promote a business venture. After 24 hours, I had connected with people I had not seen in years (almost a decade). The newness of FB wore off and I journeyed to Twitterland. This was a place to express my real time sentiment without judgement or filters. Somehow that joy has run its course.


After 12780 tweets, the account of Marlea Z. Wilson or @stoical127 was sent into auto-pilot. I kept saying after I tweet my birthday (1/27/80) I was going to walk away. It was hard. After working in social media for almost 2 years, the last thing I think about is tweeting in my spare time. Due to the blog being linked to my Twitter account, there are more than 12,780 now. It’s still a vehicle for readers to use to get updates on my latest posting.


There are a lot of days when I have so much to say, but I refrain from checking in to Twitter. I miss it some what because it’s very entertaining to read the tweets, convos and infamous direct messages. Moreover, I think I’ve added a few more hours back into my life by not scrolling so much, lol. The increase in time was contagious and Instagram felt a slight reduction as well.

I’m sure I won’t be missed much because my followers still know how to find me. What more could I ask for from Twitter, I chatted with Oprah. If you check the date on this tweet and my 1st blog post, I bet you can surmise the impact this had on me. So with no further ado, let the 2014 countdown begin!! 🙂



  1. This query is so random. In some older posts you mentioned your son’s godmother. What qualities does she have? What qualities did you look for? What circle of friends, comrades, colleagues, etc did you search within? I’m due March 13th. My husband has chosen his best friend/fraternity brother as the godfather (of course). His only sister is the godmother. However, my family doesn’t have such a tradition. I do not know how to go about making such a major decision. How did you select your son’s godmother without upsetting other women? How can this process be peaceful and blessed?

    1. My circle is rather small, so I only had a few to choose from, lol. She was my most responsible friend. I felt I could trust her with the most valuable part of me. There is a lot that goes into this they have to share the same ideology and common parenting experiences. We both were raised with older parents and were taught differently. This wasn’t hurtful to my sister because she knew if the most tragic thing happened to me, she would probably have sole custody and his godmother would assist her with his need.

      To sum it up: Responsible, stable, trust and shared ideas and teaching.

      Congrats on your new addition in the new year!

      1. Thank you so much!!! Your input provided me with the perspective I needed. HAPPY HOLIDAYS🎄🎅; AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours!!! 🎉 🎊


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