Beau Miss: Painting Again

You know, I thought I was finished with my bedroom. Everything was right where I needed it to be. It showed personality and comfort. One day while I was lying in bed, I looked up. Not at the wall in front of me – the wall behind my head. It was boring. I thought, what can be done to increase the attractiveness of this wall.

I always noticed pictures hanging over the beds in home decor magazines. However, my headboard is a few inches shorter than me and overpowers the wall already. So hanging something over the bed was out of the question. Then I looked at the wall in front of me and knew what had to be done. I needed to mirror this, onto this wall. This would give me the balance I needed and stop people from wanting to come all the way in my room to see the “Cracked Wall.”

My trusty can of paint was pulled out of the closet once again for it’s final obligation to this unit. There was no need to paint the entire wall. You would never be able to see it and the bed weighs too much for me to wrestle with it on carpet to move it. The cornice received a liberal covering of painter’s tape before brushing two coats of the light blue hue on to the wall. After 8 hours or drying, I allowed #19 the opportunity to unveil the project.


Words can’t describe how much this made me smile. I was finally finished and could throw this paint can in the dumpster. I even painted the underside so I could see it all the time. They say blue is a calming color. I don’t know about that but it’s my favorite color and now I finally have a room that I adore. That’s Beau!

I hope I’ve inspired you to take a chance with paint and your creativity. Are there some areas of your home you’d like to give a special touch to? Do you feel stuck in a white or beige box apartment? There may be other options for you to express yourself. I’ll be happy to assist you anyway I can!

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