Oprah Says: Believe Them

This post is 2 days late but right on time as we close in on Halloween, the holiday associated with dressing up in costumes for entertainment. However, there are another set of costumes we tend to disregard. These are the ones that don’t contain vibrant makeup, oversized clothing or stylized masks. They come dressed in plain clothes, bearing facial expressions or the real fantastic designs come in whatever packaging you’re looking for. Time and time again, we’ve discussed them and their motives, intentions and the type of person they really are. However, it’s in our human nature to give them another chance to show us they are different than what we thought.


It’ll be easy to uncover who is who this Friday after the masks have come off. Coming to terms with the way a person truly is can be hard if it goes against everything you wanted or needed. Moreover, trust in yourself enough to accept whatever a person has shown or told you implicitly that they are and govern yourself accordingly. Do Not get caught up in trying to change someone or fix something they have no plans of resolving at the time. Trust yourself, believe them and move on to the beat of your drum.

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