Beloved Favorites: Books

This pass summer I indulged myself in the times of long ago through the literary works of fiction. In true book lover form, I grabbed the hard & paperback copy of a few great reads. These stories kept me on the edge of my seat, up late into the night and hauling them around town waiting for someone to say “please wait.” My love for reading and books is true and I’d like to share a few titles with you.

The first book I read last season was “Sapphire’s Grave.” This was a complex tale that spanned several generations and is filled with mystery, love and strength. All of this began on a slave ship from Africa. The story takes off and I desired to know more about what happened.

The literary classic “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” was my next conquest. Everyone knows I’m a sucker for a good story set in the time of slavery and segregation. I found myself cheering, crying irritated and smiling all while reading. I know some of you may be thinking – “Didn’t she read that in school?” Uh no! Detroit Public Schools or my teachers failed to expose me to this fabulous tale of overshadowed with the unflattering portion of American history. During my visit to John King Books last year, I picked up an unedited copy. This story will remain in my mind forever and I certainly understand why Mark Twain is considered one of the greatest. I can check this one off the 50 book challenge, now!

The summer season closed out with, “This Side of the Sky.” This book packed a lot in 320 pages. The four part encounter takes you on a journey of two friends from Mississippi to Paris. I really don’t like to spoil a story for others. All I can say is, I passed the book along to my sisters and their reading pleasure.

Summer Reading

I love reading! Over the pass couple years, I’ve explored ebooks via my Nook. It’s fun for traveling and work. Call me old school but I just still like turning pages and bookmarks. On the eve of the second semi-annual sale I love (Victoria’s Secret being #1), the Detroit Public Library will be releasing another load of books this coming October 17 -18. This sale has become a major contributor to my future library. My embosser is ready to claim ownership of a few new interesting titles and enjoy my favorite pass time. 🙂

Are you still a page turner or have you adapted the technology and convenience of ebooks?  Would you be interested in a haul video from the book sale?


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