Hairducation & My Hair

I’m still on my healthy hair journey.  Let me tell you, it’s proven to be more work than fun – but it’s growing!  It has been trimmed, straightened and curled.  My current regimen includes weekly deep conditioning and low manipulation styles.  This past summer, I didn’t run to the sew-in as I had last year.  However, I think this created a slight setback.  I don’t think I’ve retained as much length as I could.  Hair won’t rule my life.  So, I’ve decided to braid my hair for the remainder of the year.  Here are a few things I’ve done to my hair over the last couple months:

Straight layersThe PuffWind Go Away

Office Curls


In my process to achieve this great head of hair, I’ve chair hopped quite a bit.  Stephanie started the straightening process this year. Meagan trimmed the dead ends and treated in the middle.  The most recent hands in my mane have been Erin of the Pink & White Salon in Southfield.  I know those aren’t great practices, but who goin check me, boo? 😀  The cold wave rods and a bundle of braiding hair have transformed my look in a flash.  Me and this hair of mine have been having a great time this year.  I even wore braids and a bun – but I don’t know how I did’t get a picture of that.

I’ve reduced my product shopping and have vowed to rid myself of everything in my stash before repurchase.  Currently, I’m using Organix shampoo and conditioner.  The only thing being purchased with any frequency are disposable shower caps.  I just never seem to have enough – that may be a reason to buy in bulk.  Other than this, Everybody is getting a kick out of my growth rate and how pretty it is.  No one is more excited than me.

If you’re having your own natural hair journey revelations, I’d like to hear about them.  I know I’m not alone but hey I’m still smiling confidently.

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