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Tekla Vintage

There’s no surprise in the fact that I love to shop at the resale stores more than the mall.  Once you start finding those fashion gems that stand the test of time you want more.  On a brief trip to Hamtramck, I discovered a place that took my breath away.  Tekla Vintage is the name and a chalkboard sign was the only indicator I needed to inform me that I needed to go inside.  After parking the car and feeding the meter, I walked pass the couple storefronts in hopes of finding a new place to purchase more personality for my wardrobe.  The baskets of straw hats should have shown me this place was something special.  These hats were brand new from their respective fashion era with the tag still on them.  The 80s, 60s and 50s were all represented and offered for $10.  I love a good hat but didn’t find one I like.  The display windows ordered me to go inside.

Come Inside

I had been transformed to place filled with vintage music, retailer décor and retro clothing.  The racks were full!  Mirrored display cases showed off the most interesting head pieces, handbags and other accessories.  As I combed the racks in sheer amazement that I had somehow missed this place, I kept noticing these words – New Stock from 50s and so on.  These clothes had never been purchased to be worn.  So it was a real vintage experience.  Garments from decades gone by presented to new shoppers for the taking.  It seemed as if my joy had reached a euphoric peak as I pushed garments from side to side trying to find something I could not live without.

I began to get a little discouraged because the customer service wasn’t really up to my standards.  These two ladies seemed to be buzzing around in their own little word, having private conversations and the worst part ignoring me.  As my old patient, Pauline Klein, would say “haste makes waste.”  I did not respond with anger or leave the store I made up my mine to look at everything before I made the ruling on supporting this store or never looking back.  Once I arrived in the area for the slacks and pants, I stumbled upon the most gorgeous items and removed them from the rack in hopes of this place offering me a fitting room to try it on before I committed to purchasing them.  My hands were full and one of the associates walked over to me asking could she put them in a fitting room for me.  Of course!  Service was definitely on the rebound after my initial feelings.  Combing through the last few racks I satisfied my need to see everything before I made my final decision and made my way to try the pants on.

The fitting room held many surprises and disappointments.  There were three (3) pairs of pants in question and I was really dying for one pair in particular.  I love ankle pants almost as much as paisley and this pair of pantaloons had combined them both in a corduroy fabric.  Perfect for the upcoming fall here in Detroit.  Someone was delusional in the 1970s and it could have been all the drugs, social unrest and politics because these pants were going to swallow me according to the size 10 tag attached.  I wrestled with them on my size 4 hips and thighs only to be upset when I couldn’t zip them to close.  Blasphemy!  There’s no way these are a 10- someone at the J.L. Hudson’s in Detroit had marked these pants wrong.  I hated that I couldn’t have them.  More importantly, I wondered if all the garments would be facing this time warped sizing and I would be out of luck among all of these fabulous clothes.  Two pair of silk pants waited in standby for me to press my luck.  This cream & black embroidered beaded pair felt exquisite on but they lacked the minimal customization I desire when purchasing vintage.  The other pair were golden and pushed me away from my fashion safety zone.  These were definitely going home with me.

Emerging from the fitting area, I requested a few items in the showcase and checked out the tie selection.  You never know when you may run across a great bow tie.  😉  The saleswomen explained to me that this was their 2nd week in business and they were still setting up the space.  I was one of their 1st customers!  That explains a lot of what I observed with regard to the buzzing around they were doing.  Okay!  She apologized for only being able to accept cash at the time and ensured me on my next visit everything would be set up.  We engaged in small talk for a few moments about their offerings and great baklava.  Please with how my experience turned around, I informed them I would be back and offered them well wishes for a good day.  Here are the winners from my shopping.

Silk Floral Pants

As always keep 🙂 !  Especially if you’re saving money! Do you know of any great resale shops?


  1. Thank you kindly for the review. We are getting Tekla Vintage together step by step, so I appreciate your patience! Size designations have changed a lot over the decades, so a 1960s size 10 is not at all the same as a present day size 10, or a 1940s size 10, for that matter. I think clothing manufacturers have adjusted their official sizes to make women feel smaller than they are, actually–it’s a sleight of hand… So with vintage it’s best to ignore any original tags when it comes to size. Tekla is constantly adding new items, so we look forward to your next visit!

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