Beloved Things: Apothecary Jars

There’s something very special about beautiful organization options. It’s amazing how people can use the same item for completely different things. When I began to research needed features for my vanity, I went straight to YouTube. Through the million videos I watched I realized there was no right or wrong way to set up this area but the apothecary jar kept appearing in the footage. People had made them, spent a nice amount on them or just let it go from their plans. I knew I needed a few to liven up the party in my setting and I was on the hunt!



Whenever I strike out for home accents on a budget I go to Hobby Lobby first. They’ve rarely let me down since my 1st visit a few years ago. When I searched the aisles for the coveted jars I discovered a beautiful selection at prices I refused to pay. The stickers ranged from $19.99-27.99 and there was a 50% discount on the items. I had only given myself a $25 budget to decorate my vanity and these definitely would have blown it. So I decided to hit the store next door – Home Goods
My my my! The selection of apothecary jars was endless and the prices were just what I needed. Take a look!




With so many to choose from I became anxious. The prices were more my speed ranging from clearance pieces for $5 and larger more elaborate pieces for $20. Then I remembered the space I was working with and settled on two for a total of $10.


They have added attitude and function to the vanity. As you can see I use the shorter of the two for cotton balls, rounds and squares – all the things I need when I’m cleaning and clearing my face. The taller jar is utilized for my most favorite cosmetic – Mascara, and I see there’s a little room for a few more.


I first became exposed to these jars via my mom. She actually uses hers to hold soap, instead of leaving it in the boxes. My sister Shawn, uses them as candy dishes. There are so many wonderful uses they almost seem essential to any home. I’m sure I’ll be picking up a few more in the future as this has become on of my Beloved Things and  Beau Miss.

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