Beau Miss: Making It Home

Whenever I’m away you already know I’m doing something constructive. Currently, I playing the role of Home Decorator Maker. This includes but is not limited to hours shopping for eclectic pieces to add personality, DIY projects and organizing the clothes, cookware and linen. I’m very particular which creates an even longer amount of time for me to be settled.

All of the big furniture was delivered and set up. In my mind, I was plotting on the walls and light fixtures. I saw a place the leasing or maintenance man wouldn’t recognize and a home I had pinned on my Make Home Beautiful board on Pinterest. The first place we had to organize was l’chamber. My bedroom. The owner has to be comfortable to battle the many tasks before her. Do you remember the paint cans in the basket in my last post?

Welp! They served as a spring board to my vision. I went into Loew’s that morning and picked up painters tape and 2 cans of what they call “Oops Paint” both we’re 5 bucks. Of course I couldn’t beat that and the colors are agreeable with me.

I came in an taped a haphazard pattern on the wall in front of my bed. Taped the wall down the entry of the apartment and a few other places. Needless to say this lady emptied 2 rolls of painter’s tape on making this place DIFFERENT.

Here are the results from my projects:

Before The Reveal
Ta Da!!
Come on In
Black Walls and Shiny Floors

I refuse to throw the black paint out for some odd reason. Maybe it’ll find it’s way to the dumpster once the television comes and I find the remaining pieces for the living area.

So far so good! I’m growing to like the added touches and smile when I open my door! Next project gallery wall! Talk to you soon.  That’s Beau!


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