On The Run -Literally

When they announced the “OTR: On The Run” tour with Beyoncé and Jay Z – The Carters, I was sure as the sun that I would be in attendance. The dates reflected NO Detroit stop! Say what!!! Never to be let down by a minor obstacle I researched my options. I could go to Toronto on the 9th of July or Chicago on the 24th. There was a no brainer about to happen in choosing the international venue. It was Rogers Centre and one of the only ones that did not have the weather disclaimer. Who wanted to travel to another city and possibly get hit with some bad weather? Definitely not me! The second part to the decision had everything to do with Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph & Johnny coming to the infamous Chene Park on the 25th. I wasn’t missing them for nothing. With my valid passport on standby as always I was ready!

The week came and I had not a clue what I was going to wear but comfort was key. Clad in my all-time favorite looks white tops, denim and a head full of twist for my semi finished hairstyle under a beanie, I was ready for the adventure! With Frankie & Tee-Tee in tow (Shawn & Cami and don’t act like you didn’t know I was Stoney from Set it off… Even though my kid tells people all the time “my momma fine like Frankie but she’ll set it off like Cleo!” Lol) we journeyed over the Ambassador Bridge and into Canada with one mission see the show! Due to some scheduling constraints, we were required to enjoy & hit the road as soon as it was over to high tail it back to Detroit. Arriving at Rogers Centre, fixing our makeup, hair and wardrobe in the confines of the vehicle all while the GPS screamed at us to make several circles to stay in traffic generated some well deserved laughs as we decided to take our on way! We were literally on the run.

There’s only one thing I can say about this show – quite possibly the best damn concert I’ve ever attended. Due to the remaining shows I will not give up all the details but I will say, you’re going to enjoy yourselves if you go. I’ve only stood the entire time through one other concert and that was Prince! I never sat down. The ticket fee covered my entrance and a very expensive coat rack but am I complaining – UH NO! During a small portion of the performance, I ventured out in the empty halls to purchase souvenirs stress free and watch the people as they would take off running when they heard the beat dropped for their favorite songs. I stripped down to my tank top and rocked, bounced and winded my hips into the evening entranced by the music I loved.



In true Marlea fashion, my phone dies, limiting the number of pictures I can take. Frankie (Shawn) stepped right in and took a few good shots for me. While enjoying the playlist of hits and singing along, I realized these 2 artist have composed the soundtrack of my adult life! More than half my life includes their songs and feelings I’ve experienced, laughed at and danced to while having a good time.

This was my 1st time seeing Beyoncé and I was very impressed and will be at her other shows in the future. If you’re waiting to see this show, you’ll be totally satisfied. If you haven’t decided, find a few extra coins in your couch, cup holder or piggy banks to make this happen. Sneaking back into Detroit in the whee hours of the morning through the tunnel with tired eyes, butts and limbs created no feelings of regret as we reflected on the show and kissed the sunrise goodnight.

Let me know if you’re planning to go or already saw the show. 🙂


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