Showcasing Sleeping Beauty

On June 15, 2014, Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments were physically presented to Detroit resident via the Beauty Showcase. In my preparation to have everything in order, I was pleased with the final decision about my set up. I’ve never been bashful about talking about the product and I was ready to share with everyone about the goodness of Sleeping Beauty! Let the show begin!

The showcase was open to the public, full of vendors and products for purchase. My intentions were to come in and sale all the products in my bags. After draping the table and decorating my area to my satisfaction it was time for the guest to arrive. More importantly, it was the debut of my baby- SBHG!


The stream of people was kind of slow and my poor empty stomach moaned for fulfillment. I waited, hairducated and conducted business as usual. To my surprise there was a great interest in the information I post via the Instagram page about treatments and hair care tips. Am I becoming a voice in the natural hair care arena? The jury is still out on that one but I enjoy sharing the things I learn with others.


After taking a stroll around the event to find out what everybody else was doing, I opted to leave a tad early to go celebrate with the birthday girl of the month, Shawn. This showcase wasn’t the most profitable event I could have chosen but it offered an experience I needed. I would love to participate in another event such as this in the future. I would totally do one of these again and I’m fully prepared for the next one. 🙂


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