The Powerful Women Workshop


Even though I have a business degree, it never hurts to continue learning how I can grow Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments. I’ve been looking at taking this business to the next level. So I purchased a ticket to The Powerful Women workshop to educate myself on things I was doing right and items I needed to do!

The event was an intimate conversation about laying the foundation for the business and how to use the free beast of public relations. Needless to say, I had covered most of the important factors discussed. What I needed to do was package it properly for the global market. It’s time for me to structure things properly to attain the growth I believe in.

I’m not going to tell you all the things that were discussed or the items I plan to complete over the next several months. This opportunity was more about learning and building my networking skills. Everyone had a business card and I nabbed them all. After I heard a great idea for building my network through the business cards I collect. The energy was great and the positivity flowed through the room with the downtown breeze. After meeting a few awesome ladies, I set out to take charge armed with the information I gained and the knowledge I possessed.

The workshop and seminar from a couple weeks ago laid the outline for the work I had to do before year’s end. Coupled with a mentoring program, motherhood, wife-ish duties and my bread & butter this is going to be an eventful six (6) months. I’ll keep smiling and you informed.


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