Beau Miss: Unpredictable Storage

We’ve all received something from someone and didn’t quite know what to do with it. Mine was this floral Asian box from my ex-boyfriend many many moons ago. It was pretty and I just carried it around because I knew one day – I’d use it. The 1st time I thought about using it was for my make up brushes. But that would require me to cut the flaps off and bind the edges to prevent fraying. Way too much work for a free gift. This box has literally been homeless only home with no purpose until – Today.

As I was cleaning my purse and organizing some things for my business. I realized I had more business cards than pockets in my purse. As I tried to sift through them for relevance, I said ” I need to buy me a card holder.” Psych your mind- you can use this here lovely box. The true joy came when I remembered it closes to prevent them from becoming an eyesore.

Finally I had a reason to hold on to this other than my inherited hoarding gene. Lol It was the perfect accompaniment for my desk- which is about to gain a whole new life. As soon as I find the right table to overhaul.  That’s Beau!

Free, functional and fashionable! Who could asks for anything more. What gifts/freebies have you repurposed in your home?

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