Cupcakes, Conversation & Changes

In an effort to cultivate my networking skills, I decided to take advantage of some of these positive events going on around town to help this mass of entrepreneurs Detroit is harboring. The afternoon started off with a wardrobe malfunction as I discovered my mint Bermuda shorts had been attacked by bleach!!! 😦 So I had to improv quickly because I wanted to be there early to get preferred seating. As I fixed my makeup, thought really hard about a car wash and adjusted my shades I pulled out into this gorgeous Saturday afternoon we were experiencing. Let me tell you. I didn’t even think about my outfit once I started listening to the information the good doctor had to share.

After listening to Siri and becoming twisted around, I thought about just going on with my day and forget about it. Then I calmed down and used my eyes to locate the venue. I was on time and was ready to learn how I could make my businesses better and grow. They were hosting a drawing and I placed my business card in for a chance to win. Researching an assortment of cupcakes I gravitated toward the lemon choice, grabbed a water and took my seat.

I, along with several other entrepreneurs listened as Dr. Wisdom spoke about “radical decisions”, the “sweet spot” and looking at our life at a glance. Taking notes as if I was preparing for finals in school. Different elements of her discussion resonated with me. As I sat there, I noticed my friend Erica walk in and take a seat in the back of the room. The message was powerful and right on time as I begin to plan for my next chapter.

Remember that drawing I entered upon my arrival to the pre-workshop?! I won!

20140526-001436.jpg Adhering to the notes and instruction presented to me. I’m making the necessary strides to walk in my own shoes toward the life I truly want. The happiness journey is NOT over. This is the reason for everything I do!

You all already know, I’m not afraid to make a radical decision. That’s how our relationship began. My radical decision to abandon the only industry I’ve known and try something new. The truth of it is I’m still unfulfilled. Something is on the horizon – I can feel it brewing. This time I’m going to plan more effectively to position myself for awesomeness!


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