One Night Stand

Detroiters know when you want to get away on quick notice you have 2 options – Canada or Chicago! That’s why it’s so important to have a passport or enhanced ID! At a moments notice you could be traveling through customs. These are quick trips that offer an escape from your everyday lives with zero to limited planning. When the plans began for Esha’s Burfday we opted for a quick trip to the Chi! We absolutely love Chicago for being everything we want at home and it’s close proximity to us.

In our efforts to make it stress free. We opted to take the Wolverine! That’s the name of the Amtrak liner that commutes from Pontiac to Chicago daily. One day of fashion, food and fun packed in our rapid excursion. As we laughed at the resemblance of the Detroit station and a hospital waiting room the conductor called for us to get ready to board. I won’t even mention the individuals scheduled to go with us that missed the train due to inexcusable factors. I’ll just continue with the story! We took our seats and within seconds we were on our way on a day trip. The train ride was great and I managed to ride all the way to the Windy City without gaining a passenger to sit ext to me.


Once we arrive, prepare to hit the streets hard and fast! We drop our bags! One of us finds a Starbucks and away we go to peruse all the merchants they have that Detroiters only gain access to via the Internet. Zara was the first! I’m in love with their effortless take on women’s fashion with a cutting edge. I fell in live with this dress! They say it’s a tunic – I say it’s a dress and I have the legs to prove it!

It’s A Dress

After this store we journeyed into a few others. But after just completing a closet cleaning and creating a list I know the things I need to incorporate into my wardrobe. The saving grace for this dress was they did not have my size. If I think about it in a few weeks I may have to get it! God bless my “Any Shade of Blue” loving soul! I really need pastels. Nothing really moved me to the checkout, which encouraged me as I work on my financial discipline.

On a stop to nurture our near empty stomachs. We found Epic Burgers. In anticipation for the rest of the evening I ate small but it was enough to hold me.



I wanted to stop by the Garrett’s Popcorn to get my mom a mix as a thank you for carting the boy around in my absence. But the line was running concurrent with the curb toward the corner & I wasn’t for that foolishness. She’ll just get some from the popcorn place here in Detroit Good People Popcorn. I really love theirs anyway or you can call me a real Detroit girl! After one more stop, we hopped in our taxi back to the hotel to get dressed for our evening fun!

Picture 5 women, yes I said 5, sharing 2 mirrors, 1 shower and getting ready to go out on the town. If you have a picture, you’re probably still off. Call it organized chaos. One person flat ironing, one ironing, one showering, two applying makeup with the music going. Reminded me of my early days of adulthood when me and my friends would scurry around to get ready and leave from the same place. Dressed to the nines we headed to the Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse. Upon our arrival, there was a slight delay due to the driver trying to juice us of a few more dollars – with his rude ass! We were treated to the signature garlic bread (which may possibly stop me from eating any other bread at restaurants). Yes! It’s that damn good! The manager offered celebratory drinks in awesome style for the party of our lady of honor. This was all before we even got a table to order our food. Once being seated in the upper level of the restaurant the great service never stopped. Maybe I just feel that way because they brought us another plate of that damn bread!





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During the course of the meal, I realized I wasn’t as young as I once was and the fatigue set in motion. I apologized to the birthday girl and the adult in me told them I could not go on. I needed rest. It wasn’t our plan to turn in so early but I was ready to call it quits. After the $300+ bill was paid without drama and the candle had been blown out on the cake, we ventured back to the room. They could’ve deserted me because after I washed my face and put on my pjs it was a done deal for the kid!

Rock & Fortress

We were up early with the birds to catch our stressless ride back to Detroit. Boarding the car to procure optimal seating for more sleeping was essential and proved to work like a charm. I decided this year I may ramp up a few more points and take a few more trips this way. Our arrival wasn’t as humorous as the beginning of our journey but we were home.

Have you rode the train lately? Does this type of travel sound interesting to you as we create our summer plans?

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